• My Keto Diary: Week 5

    I’ve got to be honest, I’m really frustrated. Not with my diet, the foods I’m eating, or anything like that…but in the scale. I apparently gained 2 ounces last week, and it kind of all started with my weekend. We had family out for my son’s baptism, and I didn’t…

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    Things We Love for Baby #2 Series: Arms Reach Co-Sleeper

    Co-sleeping seems to still be a highly debated topic in the parenting world. I’m not here to debate either way, but to share my own experience, and a product we’ve been using. We had our daughter in our room with us when she was born, and we’re repeating the same…

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    My Keto Diary: Week 3 & 4

    Another 2 weeks have gone by and I’m pretty much a month into my journey! I’ll hopefully have more time to log these diary posts weekly, because my toddler just started at her new daycare, and so I’ll have some more time now while I’m still on maternity leave! The…

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    JORD Cassia Watch Review + Giveaway

    You may have seen my post on my husband’s JORD watch that I wrote a while ago. We received that watch to review from JORD, and my husband has worn it almost every day since receiving it. He LOVES it, and it looks so amazing on him!! So when the…

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    Things We Love for Baby #2 Series: DockaTot

    One of the best baby items that we’re using for Baby #2 that we didn’t have for Baby #1 is our DockaTot. We have a great side bed co-sleeper that I’ll be sharing more on, but he really loves sleeping in the bed with us. I don’t let him sleep…

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    Three Reasons Why We’re Not Turning After Two

    I’ve had a lot of internal debate lately around whether or not we should change our daughter’s carseat to front facing vs rear facing. I know people whose kids still rear face at 4 years old, and I know people who had changed to front facing way earlier than two.…

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