• 10 Signs You’re a Normal Mom + $275 Target Gift Card Giveaway

    I’m getting so sick of all of these Facebook video parodies portraying “Types of Moms”. (I mean, of course I still watch them…) You know the ones. It’s a video that showcases several moms, each acting out some exaggerations of a stereotypical type of mom: Granola Mom, PTA Mom, Helicopter…

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    Perfect Chocolate Keto Bulletproof Coffee

    I hate coffee. It’s just not for me. I don’t like the taste, but I LOVE chocolate! After some experimentation, I finally figured out the perfect recipe for a Chocolate Mocha Keto Bulletproof Coffee. This stuff is creamy and delicious, and I’d recommend it to anyone who generally isn’t a…

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    The Best Postpartum Underwear

    Now that I’ve been through two deliveries (and their aftermath), I feel I can definitely speak confidently about the best postpartum underwear that you absolutely MUST have after giving birth. Yes, there’s the traditional mesh undies from the hospital combined with enormous pads, and yes they’re pretty comfy, but shortly…

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    Fasting To Get Into Ketosis

    Let’s preface this post by me stating the obvious: I’m not a doctor. Please consult your doctor for any medical related questions. This is an anecdotal account of my fasting to get into Ketosis. Kthanks 😉 Fasting to Get Into Ketosis: My Experience I’ve been on Keto for 2 months…

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    I Tried A Hot Yoga Class and It Was a Hot Mess

    Let me preface this story by stating a few things: The last time I tried a yoga class was about 10 years ago I have a hard time relaxing and getting my mind to stop going 100 miles an hour I have zero flexibility I hate the heat All of…

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    If You Give a Toddler a DockaTot Grand

    If you give your infant a DockaTot (see this post here), your toddler will demand she have one too. {this didn’t actually happen, but it makes the story cuter; what actually happened was that I thought the DockaTot was the best thing ever and she really loved her brother’s, so I…

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