• Camo and Summer Walks

    I can’t believe it’s going to be the end of summer here soon! We soak up all the summer moments we can, because we know the winter months can be long and brutal. By the end of summer though, I’m always ready to break out the sweatshirts, closed toe shoes,… View Post

    Dear Spanx: Not Today!

    Today my boss flew in for a meeting, so I thought I’d make myself look a little extra sharp (you know…take off the leggings for a day!). I work from home usually, so actually dressing up isn’t a daily thing for me…again, hence the leggings! I thought I’d put on… View Post

    Pretty Things for Mom

    It’s no joke that pregnant changes your body. Everything shifted around, and while I’ve lost all my baby weight and actually feel more confident in my body now than before I got pregnant, it’s still a lot of mental work to adjust your expectations of how things should look versus… View Post

    Tonight I left my baby with a sitter…

    I was told that this would be a really scary thing–that I’d check my phone every 5 minutes to make sure the sitter wasn’t texting me, telling me that something was wrong and that I needed to come home right away.  The good news was, my husband and I were less… View Post
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