Blogging Freebies!

I’ve been fortunate enough to get lots of help and resources as a new blogger, and I want to pass the love along by sharing some things with you.

My first two freebies are collaborations with Lauren from PaperScribblesCo. She creates amazing PDFs in her shop; from calendars to project planners and wedding planners, her creations are simple but elegant, and SO easy to use! I absolutely love the Blog Plan and Weekly Post Plan, shared below! They’re available in A4/Letter Size, or A5 Size. Just choose whichever one you want!

PaperScribbleCo on Etsy

And, stay tuned for more freebies!!

Enjoy and keep blogging, even if it’s just writing one sentence!


PS–Note: You will NOT get these planners in an email! Once you confirm your email, come back to this page, because this is where they’ll be unlocked and ready for your download!!

PPS–To my current subscribers: When I have new freebies, I’ll be sending them in a newsletter once a month, or right after I post with new freebies, so you don’t have to worry about re-subscribing to download!!

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