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My Keto Diary: Week 3 & 4

My Keto Diary: Week 3 & 4

Another 2 weeks have gone by and I’m pretty much a month into my journey! I’ll hopefully have more time to log these diary posts weekly, because my toddler just started at her new daycare, and so I’ll have some more time now while I’m still on maternity leave!

The last 2 weeks have been great, with the exception of a random dizzy spell last weekend. I started taking magnesium and potassium supplements, along with an iron supplement which I should ALWAYS be taking, but I kind of fell off the wagon with it after having my son. I’ve had some amazing new foods–I made some strawberry cheesecake fat bombs that were pretty spectacular, broccoli cheddar soup, and my husband keeps killing it with these amazing chicken wings he’s been making. I’m also getting more adventurous with trying foods I typically don’t reach for (like brussel sprouts). However, I still always gravitate to my easy favorites (bunless bacon cheeseburgers).

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I started intermittent fasting, which I actually really love. I’m on a 16/8, and start my eating window at noon, and finish at 8. I used to get sick if I didn’t eat within 20 minutes of waking up, and now (just like the last time I did Keto), I’m not even hungry until the afternoon.

I’ve also gotten to the point where I don’t find diet soda appealing anymore. I never drank it a ton, but I would get the occasional diet coke when we’d be out to dinner, and I got one last weekend and it just didn’t even taste good to me!

So…the last 2 weeks I’ve lost one lb each week. I only just started the intermittent fasting, so I’m hoping that shows some better results next week, but honestly I’m super pleased. I lost a total of 9lbs in 4 weeks, and I’m really happy about it! I feel amazing, but I’m trying not to get discouraged by looking in the mirror and seeing what I see. I know I preach about loving yourself, loving your body for the babies it made you, etc. etc. But you know it’s so much easier to say than feel, right? I mean, I feel it myself, but I also still feel sad when I look in the mirror and see something that I don’t want to see. So I’m working on the emotional part of my weight loss as well. My husband says he’d love me no matter what size I was, which I’m so grateful for…but I need to love myself too! I can’t help it that I wish I was tinier, but if anything, it just makes me more motivated to keep on going!

Anyway, enough of that. Here are some pics of the foods I was eating this week! And don’t forget to check out my Keto Favorites on my Amazon Page. I only have things on this page that I currently use and love, and none of these items are in any way sponsored. I just really love EVERYTHING on my list!

This is the Keto fried chicken we make–it’s chicken breast cut up, dipped in heavy whipping cream, and then coated with ground pork rinds and seasoning. We serve it over riced cauliflower sautéed in butter, and the sauce is a cheese sauce that’s basically just butter, HWC and cheese!

Loving these cheddar crips!! Got them in the salad section at Target for $2.49!

Not Keto related…but I really wanted this Jurassic World dinosaur mask I saw at Target!!

These strawberry fat bombs are so yummy, and taste like a strawberry cheesecake popsicle! They’re 8oz of cream cheese, swerve and 1/4C of mashed up strawberries! Make sure you refrigerate them 🙂

Yes, always my go to!! 😀

More burgers!

I like the Jimmy John’s BLT unwhich, but it’s mega overpriced in my opinion.

I made this keto peanut butter pie from Keto Connect’s website, and it’s AMAZING!!!

Mug cakes and Lindt 90% chocolate are the reason I love this diet!

If you’re on this diet too, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram on my Keto page!!

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JORD Cassia Watch Review + Giveaway

JORD Cassia Watch Review + Giveaway

You may have seen my post on my husband’s JORD watch that I wrote a while ago. We received that watch to review from JORD, and my husband has worn it almost every day since receiving it. He LOVES it, and it looks so amazing on him!! So when the company reached out to me to check out their Cassia watch, I was super excited, because my husband has had this really gorgeous watch for so long, and I know what great quality these watches are.

The Cassia series of watches are just as pretty as any of the other JORD watches. They feature a 37mm face with a Roman dial, with domed crystal encasing the face. The presentation of these watches upon arrival is always super classy, with these beautiful wooden box keepsakes.

The larger watch design looks beautiful on my wrist. There’s something about a larger face with a thinner band that just looks super classy!

The only complaint I have about the watch, is that for some reason, it stops keeping time after 20 minutes. I was really frustrated to find out there was a problem with the battery, and immediately contacted the company. It’s such a beautiful watch, and I want to be able to wear it obviously! They immediately responded that they’d be sending a return box to my house to fix it, and that it sounded like a faulty battery. I was impressed by how quickly they took care of the problem. Good quality customer service is really hard to find these days, so it meant a lot that they took care of it right away.

Overall, I’m SUPER happy with this watch, and I can vouch for its longevity since my husband has had his for over a year, and he’s never had any issues (and gets tons of compliments). I have no doubt that once this one is fixed, it will last for a long time!

JORD is offering a $100 Gift Card Giveaway in collaboration with my Blog! Enter HERE–it’s open until June 17th at 11:59 pm!
Wooden Wrist Watch


Things We Love for Baby #2 Series: DockaTot

Things We Love for Baby #2 Series: DockaTot

One of the best baby items that we’re using for Baby #2 that we didn’t have for Baby #1 is our DockaTot. We have a great side bed co-sleeper that I’ll be sharing more on, but he really loves sleeping in the bed with us. I don’t let him sleep there with us unless it’s just a little dozing off in the morning for some baby snuggles, but I can tell he just feels so comfortable when I’m laying there with him.

I reached out to DockaTot to see if they’d be interested in sharing one of their products with me, and I was so excited that they said yes. I chose the Banana For You DockaTot Deluxe +, which is literally the cutest print ever, especially when paired with a baby in a monkey onesie!!

So here’s what I love about it:

  • It’s for babies 0-8 months (or 5-22lbs), so he’ll be able to be in it for a while
  • It’s portable, with two handles, so it’s easy to carry
  • It’s nicely padded on the side, and I can tell he feels snug and secure in it
  • It’s a safe spot for him to sleep next to us, get his diaper changed, or just hang out. We carry this thing everywhere in the house with us!
  • It has clips that open the DockaTot up as he gets longer
  • It’s got a zipper to easily remove the cover and machine wash it

Here are the cons:

  • If you don’t like “things” taking up space, you might not like it. It’s 18″ wide x 29-34″ long (29″ with clasps closed and 34″ with clasps open). Personally, I don’t think it takes up a lot of space, but my husband might tell you something different 😉
  • The material isn’t water resistant. The reason I mention this is because my son spit up when he was in his, and it soaked into the material. I love that the material is soft, but it might be nice if there was some water resistance to the padding or something like that, so that any spitup or accidental spills could be picked up quicker.
  • Honestly, that’s about it, other than the fact that everyone else in the house wants to use it too!!!

Learn more about DockaTot HERE. Shop the Banana leaves Dockatot HERE.

Even our big sister and chihuahua want to use the DockaTot!! 


Thanks so much DockaTot!

Three Reasons Why We’re Not Turning After Two

Three Reasons Why We’re Not Turning After Two

I’ve had a lot of internal debate lately around whether or not we should change our daughter’s carseat to front facing vs rear facing. I know people whose kids still rear face at 4 years old, and I know people who had changed to front facing way earlier than two. Total judgement-free zone here–you have to do what you think is best for your child!

My personal opinion is that the longer they stay rear facing, the better, and my opinion was confirmed when my doctor, whom I trust completely, said the same thing. Basically whatever she says, I’m all over, I just love her so much!

Ultimately we decided not to turn our daughter after she turned two for the following reasons:

  1. She’s very small to begin with
  2. She’s not uncomfortable in her rear facing seat
  3. It’s safer

The downside is that it is definitely harder to get her in the rear facing seat as she grows, and I’m also looking forward to being able to see her in a rear-view mirror, or let her watch a show on the drop-down DVD player my van has. Despite these things though, it’s better to be safe.

When we do switch her, we have the perfect car seat, and don’t need to switch! She’s in a Maxi Cosi Pria 85 right now, and we love it. It rear-faces 5-40lbs (she’s 22lbs), and front faces 22-85lbs, so it will grow with her!

There are a couple benefits to this car seat that I absolutely love and that no other car seat has:

  • A magnetic one-hand chest clip
  • Harness holders to keep the straps out of the way (hallelujah, I’ve been waiting for someone to invent this)
  • Easy harness adjustment for their head space
  • Really comfy air side cushions (safety first!)

This carseat has adjustable base settings for front facing only, rear facing only, and a setting for rear or front, which is nice to have. Additionally, the pad insert apparently comes off without having to remove the entire seat; I haven’t had to use this yet, but that will be amazing, because I know that really bad messes are inevitable!!

We’ve been really happy with this car seat for our daughter, and are happy that she’ll be able to grow with it. The safety features, which are obviously the most important part of buying a car seat, have been some of the best I’ve seen that also come with “handy” features like the magnetic clip. Learn more about Maxi Cosi here, and the Pria 85 Max here (we have it in Nomad and it’s a gorgeous color!!

In collaboration with Maxi Cosi. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

My Keto Diary: Week 1 & 2

My Keto Diary: Week 1 & 2

Somehow 2 weeks have gone by and I’m only just now getting to sit and write this post. My goal was to have a weekly Keto Diary post, but #kids soooooo…

A lot of people get the “Keto Flu” as they start this diet. I remember having headaches the first time I did it, but nothing really that awful. I’ve read that it’s basically an electrolyte imbalance as you switch over, and obviously your body is going through a major change to produce ketones and burn fat instead of carbs for fuel…so if you’re debating whether to switch to this diet, or if you already have and you’ve been feeling sluggish, foggy, sick, have headaches, etc., keep giving it a shot. It’s totally worth it. Drinking some broth will help, make sure you’re getting enough salt, and are well hydrated!

This second time around, I didn’t experience any kind of Keto Flu symptoms. I could tell I was in ketosis because one of the side effects is a weird metallic taste in your mouth, and I’ve had that despite (obviously) brushing my teeth. I finally decided to buy a blood ketone meter by Keto Mojo, and love it. I know this sounds crazy, but I still hate needles and blood, and literally cannot prick myself. Lucky for my husband who’s also doing Keto with me, he gets to prick me! We tried this meter out last night for the first time (13 days in), and were both in Ketosis! The device measures the ketones in your blood by mmol/L. According to Keto Summit, optimal ketosis is between 1.0-3.0 mmol/L; anything below 0.5 is not in Ketosis. My husband measured 1.4 mmol/L, and I measured 1.6 mmol/L. We’ve tried the testing strips (actually have some arriving today just to check them out again), but they aren’t as accurate as measuring blood. We measured again this morning to make sure our bodies were producing ketones over night and still in ketosis, and both measured 1.4 mmol/L. It’s really reassuring to know that what we’re doing is working!

On to the weekly foods!

If you’ve seen my Keto Instagram page, you know that all I post are (lousy) pictures of my food. I post a lot of Instastories with recipes on my blog Instagram, but the food pics are just for my Keto page! I honestly just enjoy having a repository of images with easy recipes, and I’ve found myself “shopping” my Keto Instagram page more than a few times to remember all of the yummy recipes I had tried out last time.

So, what all did I eat in the last two weeks? I’ve brought back a lot of my old favorites that are tried-and-true Keto meals: bunless bacon cheeseburgers with mayo and avocado (I eat this meal probably 5 times a week. I don’t get bored of it!), my chocolate chip Keto mug cake, chicken wings, Cracker Barrel sharp cheddar cheese sticks for snacks, hard boiled eggs, and 90% Lindt Chocolate for mini cravings. We also added in some new foods that have been amazing: Keto Connect’s Keto Bread (seriously the only Keto bread I’ll ever make again), Keto fried chicken with alfredo sauce over riced cauliflower, and bacon brussel sprouts from a Ruled.Me recipe.

Before I share all the pictures, I know you just really want to know how much weight I lost, right? Ok. So two weeks in, I’ve lost 7lbs. I lost 5 the first week, and 2 the second week. Normally I’d be a little frustrated at only a 2lb loss in a week, because with this diet I’m used to it coming off faster, but 2lbs in a week is super normal, and knowing that I AM in Ketosis reassures me that everything is going well! I feel great, and I’m definitely less tired that I was before I started (although that’s all relative because of our almost 7-week-old!). The next step is to add some exercise in, but I haven’t done that yet because right now I’m lucky if I get more than 10 minutes to myself during the day with these two kiddos! My daughter starts her new daycare in a couple weeks, so I’m hoping I can get my routine in during newborn naps.

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And now, here’s my food 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the post! Subscribe over here on the right if you’d like more updates, and leave a comment if you have any questions.

Bunless Bacon Cheeseburgers with mayo are a staple for me!

I got these bacon brussel sprouts from a restaurant, and they weren’t NEARLY as good as the Ruled.Me recipe!!!

Prosciutto chips are a new favorite, thanks to my mom! Get some thinly sliced prosciutto at the deli, rub some olive oil and your favorite spices on them, back on parchment for 12-14 minutes at 350. SO yummy!

We had some sort of dinner disaster this last week, and ended up eating bacon for our whole meal. I coated mine in Lily’s chocolate.

Before I discovered the Keto Connect bread, I would make 60 second Keto bread in the microwave in a little ramekin. It was good, but not as good as that bread! One of my other staples is chicken salad with tons of mayo and some MCT oi!


These are my peanut butter buckeye fat bombs without their chocolate coating. SUPER yummy!

Buckeye Fat Bomb after coating!!

My husband made the most amazing Keto fried chicken with pork rinds and alfredo sauce over riced cauliflower. I could eat it every night!

More bunless bacon cheeseburgers!

Aaaaand…another bunless cheeseburger!

PERFECT Keto bread!!!

Buffalo chicken dip is amazing on Keto!!

Last but not least, my weigh in 🙂

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Keto Weight Loss diary

Things We Love for Baby #2 Series: Chicco Fit2 and Bravofor2

Things We Love for Baby #2 Series: Chicco Fit2 and Bravofor2

One of the biggest changes in baby gear going from one kid to two, is that you now need ANOTHER car seat, and a stroller that’s twice the size of your really nice single stroller. We sold our jogger and regular stroller (although we kept our awesome compact GB Pockit stroller) because why would we ever be out with one kid in one stroller, and the other kid just hanging around or walking? With these kids being 2 years apart, there was no way we were getting away with that kind of thing, so we had to have a stroller for two, along with another car seat.

We received the Fit2 and Bravofor2 from Chicco, and I have to say I’m MEGA impressed. These two items absolutely make our list for things we love for Baby #2!!

Fit2 Infant Car Seat:

The infant car seat is the for two main reasons: 1) the base is SUPER easy to connect in the car, comes with a built-in leveler, and I love just clicking the seat into it in my van. 2) You can one-hand close the carrier handle. Whoever invented this = genius, because my daughter’s infant car seat needed two hands to fold the handle down. WHO HAS TWO HANDS TO DO THIS WITH WHEN YOU HAVE AN INFANT?! So yeah…the Fit2 infant seat is freaking amazing. To add to the pretty clever engineering of the seat, it has two stages for infants 0-12 months, and then from 12-24 months with extended leg room. The padding is also super soft and comfortable, feels really durable, and is machine washable for all of the fabulous spit-up moments!

Bravofor2 Double Stroller:

I knew I didn’t want one of those double-wides. I can hardly drive my own van straight into my garage…there’s no way I could maneuver a double-wide stroller without running over a friendly pigeon or someone’s foot while we were out. So I was really nervous to get into this Bravofor2 because it seemed a little daunting having both of my kids on one stroller at once. I was totally worried for nothing! First of all, it folds up amazingly well and easily. It’s about the same size as our old single jogger (a little bit bigger), so we’re really not sacrificing size. It fits right into the van, and will stand by itself in the garage.

The absolute beauty of it the Bravofor2 is the sit or stand function for the bigger kid. My daughter LOVES this, and thinks it’s so fun to ride standing up! When she gets tired, she sits. And when he outgrows the Fit2, the space for the car seat turns into a regular sitting stroller!

The stroller has two cup holders, and comes with a really convenient zippered pouch which fits my iPhoneX really well, along with a pair of sunglasses. This stroller can accommodate two kids each up to 40lbs, so I know this one will last us a while. I absolutely love it, and I would recommend both of these Chicco products to anyone looking for either an infant car seat system or a double stroller that is easily to maneuver with great functionality. If you have any questions feel free to email me! I did receive these items free of charge in exchange for a review, but all opinions are 100% real and my own. I’ve been using these two things since my son was born, and I absolutely love them both!!

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chicco bravofor2 fit2 review