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Labor Day, Zoo Style!

Labor Day, Zoo Style!

It was amazing to have a long weekend and spend time with my family. My mom is visiting from PA, and we took full advantage of the mild weather to take the family to the State Fair yesterday, and the Minnesota Zoo today. 

The fair was glorious, and we endulged in so many delicious foods: corn on the cob, Boardwalk fries, Sara’s Tipsy pies (my FAVORITE!!), chocolate peanut butter balls, chocolate soft serve ice cream, fry-bread tacos, mini donuts…the list actually goes on and on! I took a day off from my Ketogenic way of eating (low carb high fat eating) to splurge on trying all of these tasty treats, and it was worth every calorie!! 

Today we took our little bear to see the big bears at the zoo. She slept through the majority of it, but woke up in time for the fishies- her favorite!! She loved watching them through the glass, and we loved watching her expressions (and exclamations!) as she watched. 

She also enjoyed the prairie dogs, who were out digging improvements to their burrows.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day!! Have a great week!

A Family of Nine 

A Family of Nine 

We’re spending part of the long weekend at our cabin in Wisconsin, and visited one of our favorites places in Webster for dinner this evening. There was a family of nine seated near us, and we made some friendly conversation with Dad. 

All of his kids were older–the youngest seemed to be probably 15, but we asked him if he enjoyed having a larger family. He said it was wonderful, and that once you have two,

 “the rest are easy. Once you get to four, what’s a few more?!” 

I had to laugh at his response, but it does make me think I would love to have a huge family. Maybe not 7, but maybe 4?! 

Maybe my head is just in the baby clouds, but sometimes I wonder what it would be like, and also what the future holds for us baby-wise. 

Only time will tell I guess! Until then I’m enjoying every moment with Little Bear as an only child!

How to remove water stains from wood

How to remove water stains from wood

I’m the worst coaster-user ever. In fact, I pretty much never use them, and my kitchen table has been on the receiving end of some really hot and watery beverages that I always seem to forget to cover!

Last week Hubby got really mad because I stuck a huge, piping hot mug of my tea on the table, and it made this enormous water stain:

I looked online and found some homemade remedy that called for putting non-gel toothpaste on it. FAIL!

So then my aunt happened to be visiting us this week, and as we were all sitting at the table (me getting in trouble again for putting a Fresca can on the table…), she mentioned that she knew the secret to removing these water stains from wood!


(Is basically what I said)

It turns out, the secret is all in an iron and a white t-shirt. What?!? Yes. And it WORKS!!!!

Turn your iron to the cotton setting, and place a white t-shirt over the stain. Iron the shirt overtop the water stain like this:

And I kid you not—

You’re welcome. I now wish I have a bunch of other water stains I could remove! Although, I think I’ve learned my lesson with the coasters. Happy husband, happy life…isn’t that how the saying goes?!? 😉

Camo and Summer Walks

Camo and Summer Walks

I can’t believe it’s going to be the end of summer here soon! We soak up all the summer moments we can, because we know the winter months can be long and brutal. By the end of summer though, I’m always ready to break out the sweatshirts, closed toe shoes, comfy sweaters and yes, of course more LEGGINGS!!! Tonight I threw on this Realtree camo fleece. I’ve had it for a few years now and still come back to it…plus it matched my camo Crocs!! Ha! I don’t have tons of camo, and it’s generally not a huge part of my wardrobe, but I found these comfy pieces along with my favorite jeans (jeggings from Maurice’s!) and threw them on.

Tonight we took the little Peanut for a walk, and it was her very first trip in the stroller (this is a Graco jogger and we love it!) without her car seat. What a big girl! She enjoyed the walk very much, until she passed out halfway through (lol). I wish I could get pushed around in a stroller til I fell asleep! Today was exhausting!

Hope everyone is having a good week! 

Dear Spanx: Not Today!

Dear Spanx: Not Today!

Today my boss flew in for a meeting, so I thought I’d make myself look a little extra sharp (you know…take off the leggings for a day!). I work from home usually, so actually dressing up isn’t a daily thing for me…again, hence the leggings!

I thought I’d put on some nice pair of Spanx jeans. I hadn’t worn them since before I got pregnant. While they fit and zipped up, they sucked everything in and just made me feel uncomfortable. My soft tummy squished and rolled over the sides. And I hated it. So you know what? I said SEE YA SPANX, for today at least. Today I didn’t care that my stomach is soft and mushy. I put on my everyday jeans that are decent enough for business casual, accompanied with a nice sweater. I didn’t care that my stomach sagged out and didn’t vacuum seal itself inside some scientifically formulated Spanx jeans. And while I truly do appreciate some good Spanx, today I just let it all hang out. And it felt amazing.

Have a good week, friends!!

Pretty Things for Mom

Pretty Things for Mom

It’s no joke that pregnant changes your body. Everything shifted around, and while I’ve lost all my baby weight and actually feel more confident in my body now than before I got pregnant, it’s still a lot of mental work to adjust your expectations of how things should look versus how you’d like them to! Taking time to treat yourself is super important, and I’ve tried to get a few special things in just for me since Helen was born.

One of the best things I did to pamper myself after adjusting to post-partum world was to get myself fitted for new bras at Nordstrom. I had heard that this was the best place to get fitted, and indeed it was. The woman that helped me was incredible and super sweet. Turns out I was wearing the wrong band size, and MULTIPLE cup sizes too small!! I was absolutely floored at the actual size I am, compared to what I was wearing, and also how amazing the new bra felt. It was almost liberating going home and throwing away all my old nasty bras I had kept for so long, unwilling to release them into the wild (i.e. GARBAGE where they belonged!).

Of course now that I have several new pretty (and expensive) bras, I want to make sure I take care of them. Here’s how I take care of my new bra babies:

  • Stick them in a mesh zip laundry bag (here’s the ones I use)
  • Wash with Dreft, which I’m already using for baby clothes
  • HANG TO DRY! So important!