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Incredible Baby Bundle Gifts from Incredibundles + Giveaway!
We’re about 5 weeks away from Baby #2’s due date, and in the last few weeks we’ve really tried to start talking about the baby’s arrival with our daughter. I definitely think she’s still a little young to really understand what’s happening (she’ll be two next month), but I like to think that maybe she’s getting it just a little! She’ll kiss my tummy, and when we ask where the baby is, she comes and pats my belly. It’s really super cute to see, but I know she’s not fully comprehending everything!
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I was excited to partner with Incredibundles because they have a Big Sister/Big Brother gift pack which is PERFECT for a new big sibling! It has a really adorable teddy, along with a book about being a big sister inside. My daughter loved the teddy bear, and we’ve been reading her the book every night.
The package arrived in a beautiful box. I was very impressed that this bundle was so perfectly wrapped, with high quality items; not just something slapped together in a box!
The particular bear in this bundle is a Gund bear, which is an amazing high quality stuffed animal. I’ve had lots of Gunds in my life (one of my favorite childhood stuffed animals was a golden retriever by Gund), and the quality of their stuffies is just perfect.
Incredibundles has lots of gift sets for every occasion–not just new siblings! One of my favorites that would be great for an Easter gift is this Peter Rabbit set. They also have other really neat bundle gifts for every occasion! I love the company’s concept–it’s SO hard to get out and create your own gift pack for a new mom, and Incredibundles does it all for you, making it so easy, which is fabulous. I have a co-worker who is due in a couple weeks, and Incredibundles will be my go-to “easy” gift idea. I can put the thought into the gift, but they do all the shipping work!!
I’ve partnered with Incredibundles to help promote an AMAZING giveaway for a 3-month diaper subscription that also includes that cute Peter Rabbit bundle I mentioned above! It would be a perfect Easter gift for someone you love with a little one. This is one you don’t want to miss, so share it with all your friends and don’t forget to enter for yourself!!! To enter, click here or enter below! The giveaway is open to US residents only, and will end on April 2, 2018.

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Pregnancy Changes You Weren’t Expecting

Girls, I’m not a huge fan of being pregnant. You may have gathered that from some other blog posts, or my Instagram posts and stories. This isn’t the case for everyone, and I certainly hope that you LOVE being pregnant. Because what your body is doing is completely amazing (and for that, I do love it). However…my own personal experience has come with some super strange, yet not uncommon, pregnancy changes!

So here they are, get ready to be WOWED! (Or disgusted, either way…)

Restless Leg Syndrome

OMG I HATE THIS. There’s nothing worse that RLS. I even got RLA (restless arm syndrome, if that’s a thing. It is for me!).


As if I needed more. When I was in high school I got this weird little vein on my thigh, and I used to put a bandaid over it during soccer practice because I was embarrassed by it. After my first pregnancy, I’d legitimately need my entire thighs covered in bandaids. I never wear shorts and this is why. I hate my legs.


I’ll have a side order of COTTAGE CHEESE with my veins please! I got MORE during pregnancy. The best thing though, is that I actually found a cure for it. NO LIE people, I started using this thing, and it SEVERELY diminished the appearance of my cellulite. I haven’t been using it now with my pregnancy, but I will start back up again once the baby is here. It’s the Ashley Black fascia blaster. Worth. Every. Penny. You have to use it consistently though.

Linea Negra

I thought I escaped this one. Nope. It showed up around 35 weeks for my during my first pregnancy. Oh, and by the way, they never tell you this, but IT TAKES A FEW MONTHS TO GO AWAY! By “a few” I mean I just found out I was pregnant with Baby #2, and it had JUST gone away. Just be prepared for it to hang around for a while. Yikes.

Skin Tags

Apparently these will go away after a while. This week I found one on my nipple. Of all places. I showed my doctor (yeah you never have any shame after the first pregnancy. Just whip your nipple out and show the doctor everything…they’ve seen it all anyway). I tried pulling it off (like an idiot), and it really hurt. She told me not to tamper with it, and that it would likely go away on its own; but apparently when you’re pregnant, your body’s hormones LOVE to make these things, and if you mess with them during pregnancy, they could come back even bigger. So of course I’m now petrified of the little minuscule nipple-tag I have, and am NOT MESSING WITH IT. And yes, I did just write a graphic paragraph about one of my nipples. #noshame

Butt Droop

Some girls keep exercising when they’re pregnant. I’m not one of those girls. My butt has turned into a saggy droop-fest. If you’re like me, just don’t look at your rear end directly in the mirror after 15 or so weeks of pregnancy. You’ll save yourself a minor breakdown.

Bleeding Gums

The other day I thought this was just because I had been flossing more. Which I haven’t actually been doing, so I realized it wasn’t that, it was my pregnancy gums being really sensitive! Thank you again, pregnancy!

Blurred Vision

Again, hormones rock at changing up your world. Luckily my eye doctor told me that things go back to normal after delivery, but if you’re breastfeeding, blurred vision can continue and don’t go back to normal until post-BF-ing.

Panti-liners ALL.DAY.EVERY.DAY

Pregnancy #1 I was surprised that I had to wear the very light panti-liners every day. Now with this second pregnancy? I’m wearing BLADDER CONTROL PADS. Given, they’re the lightest one, but still. Bladder. Control. Pads. All. Day. Every. Day. I just can’t even sometimes. I’ve gone from being semi-revolted to now being annoyed that I found some really good ones I love, and when I last went to Target they either changed the packaging or I bought the right ones…either way something is off and now I have 60 pads that are ok, but not my faaaavorite bladder control pads. Jeez. Either way, I do hope this goes away after my second pregnancy….

Ok, so now that I’ve completely freaked you out about some of the random and annoying side effects…

(there are more, these are just a lot of the issues I had with my first pregnancy, and currently have with this baby), here are a few that are amazing:

Amazing Hair

I didn’t have this. But maybe you will!

Glowing Skin

Again. Passed me up. Wah!

Bigger Boobs

Yep. They will also go away later on…sooooo yeah.

Eating for Two

Then you’ll have to lose it all later, because apparently you actually only “need” like an extra 200-300 calories or something like that. Which is basically the amount of a half a PB&J……..

The Feeling of your Baby Growing Inside You

Amazing. Priceless. Worth it ALL.

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My Favorite Travel Skincare Essentials

I know this post is specifically about my favorite travel skincare essentials, but I’ve been using all of these Air Repair skin care products nonstop since receiving the travel kit! I first found out about Air Repair through Birchbox–there was a sample of the Complexion-Boosting Moisturizer in December or January’s box, and it was love at first use! It smells and feels AMAZING, and I immediately knew it was a product I would continue to use after the sample was gone (which is a big deal for me…I’ve never felt that way about any other sample product I’ve tried from my Birchbox, believe it or not).

Air Repair sent me their travel kit to review, and each product seems to be better than the next, which is kind of crazy! You can buy it at Amazon or Target for $49, and trust me, it’s totally worth it, and I will be buying this until they discontinue it (ahem–please don’t, Air Repair!!). I love that it’s small enough for travel (everything fits in a TSA approved bag), and big enough that you’ll get to try everything out to see what your favorites are.

The kit includes 5 pieces:

  • Soothing Facial Cleansing Milk
  • Complexion Quenching Facial Mist
  • Super-Hydrating Eye Cream
  • Complexion Boosting Moisturizer
  • Rescue Balm All-Purpose Skin Salve and Lip Balm

While I did enjoy the facial cleansing milk and the eye cream, the other three were the products that stole my heart.

The facial mist is PERFECT for a little mini face-revival during long flights (or in my case after the flight, when I had to quick drop my bag in my hotel and run to a meeting…a quick spritz was a great pick-me-up). The moisturizer is now my favorite moisturizer to use on my face and I won’t use anything else (I.LOVE.IT), and the all-purpose skin and lip balm is incredible (we’re giving away one of these on my Instagram page!!!). I’m big on multi-tasking products, so I’ve used this for my super chapped winter lips, as well as my knuckles and cuticles which have also gone to hell in a hand basket with the cold weather. It feels so nice, and I swear I can feel my skin’s thirst being quenched when I put it in. I’ve been using those three favorites nearly every day, so I’m going to purchase the full size products so that I’m not constantly pulling from my travel bag. My favorite thing about this kit, is that when I travel I use every single thing; I’ve never found a travel kit I can say that about; this one really takes the cake!

Oh and PS–in case you were wondering, these are ALL pregnancy friendly!!!

If you’d like to try some Air Repair items for yourself, head to this Instagram post to enter a giveaway that Air Repair is generously sponsoring!! And if you have any questions, be sure to leave them below!!

In collaboration with Air Repair. All opinions are always 100% real and my own.

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This is hands down the best travel skincare kit I've ever found. I use every single thing when I'm traveling, and they're all my favorites even when I'm not!!

5 Meals My Toddler Loves

Raise your hand if you love making toddler meals! Trick question, right? What do they even want to eat?! They’re always on the go, most of the time they’re really picky and just want cookies (or is that just our kid…?).

In all seriousness we’ve been super lucky so far with toddler-food-pickiness. The only thing she really doesn’t like are eggs…weird, right?! I try to sneak them in wherever I can, but she’s pretty good at picking them out, unfortunately. Good for us, she loves meat and other proteins, and really loves fruit.

Here are some of her favorites that are quick and easy go-tos if you’re strapped for time or just want something easy, and we’ve been LOVING this Sure Grip Mat that Nuby sent us to try out. The koala is so adorable, and I love separating food out in his little ears!

What are your toddler’s favorite meals?! I’d love to hear your ideas!

Rotisserie Chicken, Canned Corn, Mashed Potato

Spaghetti (not pictured: garlic bread)

Chicken Chili (seriously amazing–use canned chicken instead of ground beef!)

Homemade Mac & Cheese with Blueberries and Cooked Carrots

Homemade Pasta in Marinara Sauce with Cheese, and Yogurt with Bananas and Blueberries

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Check out these 5 easy meal ideas that toddlers will love!

DIY Chocolate Peppermint Body and Lip Scrub

Sugar scrubs are one of my favorite ways to exfoliate my skin and lips, but I hate the high price tag they carry in the store! I’ve been wanting to make my own for a while, and finally got around to it. I wasn’t disappointed! This is the most DELICIOUS smelling (and tasting!) DIY chocolate peppermint body and lip scrub that I’ve ever tried, and I’m so happy with the results. I can’t wait to give these out as Valentine’s Day gifts!


1 Cup White Sugar

1 Cup Brown Sugar

2/3 Cup Almond Oil 

5 Tablespoons of Cocoa Powder

20 Drops of Peppermint Essential Oil


I literally just dumped everything into a bowl and mixed it up. You may need to experiment with the cocoa powder/essential oil ratio–peppermint is very strong and can easily overpower the cocoa powder.

Once completely mixed, scoop it into your desired containers. This recipe makes 2 half-pint mason jars worth, which I think is a nice size for a gift.

I put some of the extra in a tiny little jar for myself–this scrub is perfect for lips, and literally tastes amazing! Use it to exfoliate your lips, and then wipe (or eat!) away the extra!

Final Touches:

Once you’re done, use some ribbon to hot glue around the edge of the mason jar–it adds a really nice touch!!

PS–if you think you might be interested in learning more about the essential oils I use, I just started selling them via Young Living. I’m offering $40 off a premium starter kit (regular price is $160), which contains 11 oils and diffuser. Send an email to for more info! I never thought I’d be so in love with these oils, but they’re truly amazing, and the uses for them seem to be endless!

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Super easy, yummy and delicious chocolate peppermint body and lip scrub, made with 5 ingredients!

My Third Trimester Checklist

Uhhhh…didn’t I just announce I was pregnant?!

How am I in the third trimester already?! Of course to be honest, I’m super thankful to be in the last phase of pregnancy. This pregnancy has been SO much better than my first (maybe there’s some truth to the whole boy vs girl pregnancy symptom thing?!), but I’m still not a super happy pregnant lady. I love the baby kicks, the fact that everyone helps me with things, and that I don’t feel terrible eating throughout the day (I’ll feel bad that I did that after the baby is born and he’s not 40 lbs…but whatever). But I’m EXHAUSTED (I’m in bed at 8 writing this), I wake up multiple times a night to pee, and if you saw my Instastories and a recent Instagram post, I keep waking up with the Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood theme song stuck in my head, and then I can’t go back to sleep. It’s just annoying.


And I’m waddling. But I think I had the pregnancy waddle start a while ago…..

Anyway, now that it’s getting a little more real, here’s what I’m planning to do these last few months!

Here’s my third trimester checklist:

Hospital Registration

This is so important if your hospital takes preregistration! My first pregnancy, I registered when I was like 12 weeks (unnecessary). When I went into labor, I called the hospital and they had all my info completely ready to go. I literally did ZERO paperwork or anything when I go there, water broken with a towel between my legs.

Go Through Neutral Baby Clothes

We didn’t know the gender during my first pregnancy (which was awesome, and I really encourage you to have that experience if you’re considering it!), and so we got a lot of plain/neutral onesies. I need to go through all of those that I saved, that would be relevant for a baby boy!

Have the Necessities READY

This sounds a lot easier than it will be. We’re moving right before the baby arrives (I know, INSANE. But that’s pretty much how we roll I guess…more on that in another post!), and I just know everything will get completely discombobulated in the move. I need to pack everything up and label it in HUGE black letters with “BABY” all over it!!!!

Pack the Hospital Bag

I need to get my bag ready, but in all honesty I probably won’t do it until after we move (maybe….). I’m going to a do a separate post on what I pack, because this time around I’m going super minimalist, after my first delivery experience!!!!

Get a Prenatal Massage

YES. So my first pregnancy, I got a Groupon for a prenatal massage. That experience was terrible. The woman basically talked to me for 30 of my 45 minute massage about her doula business, then stretched my legs and THAT WAS IT. But of course I was too dumbfounded to say anything. And then I hit a yellow parking poll as I was leaving. It sucked. This time, I’m making sure I never buy Groupons for weirdo places, and calling ahead to make sure it’s a legit spa with the bed with the hole in it so I can dump my stomach and get a nice back massage!

Get a Pedicure

I got one before my daughter was born, and had my toenails painted pink and blue since we didn’t know what she was! It felt so good getting my feet done because I basically couldn’t even touch my toes at that point, hadn’t shaved my legs in months…probably I sight to behold, but I’m sure they’ve seen worse. This time around I want blue toenail polish and another repeat of my shameless hairy legs, because let’s be more honest…I stopped shaving them about 5 weeks ago and so far my husband hasn’t noticed, or is too nice to say anything about it.

So those are my top picks that I’ll be checking off my list for the next few months! What did/do you have on your list?!

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The third trimester check-list for the second time mom! Pin now, read later!