Why Moms Love ColorStreet Nail Polish Strips

Why Moms Love ColorStreet Nail Polish Strips

Have you heard of ColorStreet nail polish strips?! If not…read on to see how they changed my pandemic-pampering!! (they’re a game changer, I swear to you, if you love getting your nails done!!)

One of my favorite things to do that makes me feel put together really fast is a nice manicure. I stopped getting my nails done when COVID hit because of lock-downs, and even since salons opened back up, I haven’t been back. I love pedicures as well, but I just don’t have time. I work full time, I’m in grad school, we have 4 dogs (we just got another puppy!), 3 cats, and 2 kids, and there just ISN’T any time. Can anyone relate?! I was painting my nails to try to at least keep up with the “prettiness” of having them done, and feeling put together during this crazy pandemic, but it just wasn’t working out. I don’t have “down” time to just sit there and paint my nails and wait for them to dry. Or, I don’t wait long enough, get impatient, and then they’re smudged. I gave up painting about 6 months ago and me and my ugly cuticles and bare nails just kind of went on as-is.

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A few weekends ago, my cousin bought me some ColorStreet nail polish strips for my birthday. I’ll admit, I had tried Jamberry before and hated it. I don’t even know what those things were, but I thought ColorStreet would be similar, but I was willing to try them. She put on my first set (Moon River) and I was HOOKED. By the end of that weekend, we set up a virtual Facebook party with the woman she had purchased from, and by the end of the following week, I signed up for the March starter kit and became a ColorStreet stylist. And really, I don’t think I’m a “stylist”, but more just a huge avid fan who wanted her own discounts and to share how much she loves this product, and why EVERY mom would love this. I’m not unique…every mom is busy. You don’t have to have a zoo, a job and be in school to have a lot going on. Show me the mom who actually has time to sit down and paint her nails, or even gets to go to the salon alone. Any takers? Bueller?! Bueller?!

Thought so. I love ColorStreet because they’re nail polish strips MADE from real nail polish. They smell like nail polish when the come out of their air tight package, and they go on your nails and look just like you had an expensive manicure done. For me, it’s amazing. It takes me (someone very inexperienced…I only now have my 3rd set on) 15 minutes to put these on, and I know that time will decrease as I get better. They look spectacular, and are obviously dry RIGHT away. No chips. No smudges. No accidentally ruining your manicure for any one of a million reasons.

Below is Moon River and the reason that I fell in love with these ColorStreet nail polish strips! I’ve realized that glitters are WAY better for the beginner–I tried Himalayan Salt next, and while I loved the color, I realized that I needed more practice, because solids (especially light ones it seems) aren’t as forgiving if they’re cold (harder to go on! tip: blow a hair dryer on your strips or hold them in front of a space heater for a second or two if they’re cold!), and I ended up with wrinkles on mine.

The below is “Deepwater Opal”, my new favorite go-to! I took this pic in some good natural light so you can see the sparkles. This color is SO awesome! Another cool thing that I’ve discovered with ColorStreet is that if you mess up (on glitters only!), you can peel off small sections of the polish and “paste” them back onto your nail to cover up any mistakes. See my ring finger below? I screwed part of it up and put another piece onto the left side. You can probably tell because I mentioned it, but no one would know if I hadn’t mentioned it. You’re welcome!

If you’re still not convinced, hit me up on my Facebook group or contact here, and I’ll send you some samples that you can use as accent nails with your regular manicure as you’re painting your nails!

A few other tips!

  1. If you already use ColorStreet nail polish strips and want to host a virtual Facebook party, all hostesses get a free set from me!
  2. Samples are always free (send me a note!)! I never would have tried these if my cousin hadn’t bought them for me and I could see for myself how great they are!
  3. Join my Facebook group HERE and see the ColorStreet website HERE. Sets are always Buy 3 Get 1 Free!
  4. You can get 2 manicures out of one set if your nails aren’t super long! I get 2 out of mine! I flip the strip around and use on the same nail on my other hand!
  5. ColorStreet polish strips are made in the USA (in NJ!), and are made from real nail polish!
  6. If you’re a beginner, glitter is way better and more forgiving than solids!
  7. If your strips are on the colder side, heat them up briefly with a hair dryer. Trust me, it helps you place them!
  8. Seal up your extra strip by closing it with a hair straightener!

If you've been wondering what the big deal is about ColorStreet and why Moms seem to love it...here's my breakdown of how ColorStreet nail polish strips have totally changed my pandemic self-pampering!!!

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