No Soda September Challenge and Free PDF

No Soda September Challenge and Free PDF

Click below for the PDF–no need to sign up for anything or make it hard on yourself!!

No Soda September PDF

If you find yourself thinking that you’re drinking too much soda (diet or regular!), join me for a NO SODA SEPTEMBER and quit soda for good!! I’ve been wanting to wean myself off of Diet Coke for a while…I never used to drink it, but I started drinking it while eating at restaurants, and then graduated to buying it for the house “on occasion”, which turned into every trip. I’ve also been really gung-ho on saving money lately, and spending $5.49 for a 12-pack is costing me $10+ bucks a month! That doesn’t sound like a lot of money, but it all adds up. So I want to stop this habit!! I won’t get into all the “it’s bad for you” or “it’s a myth that it’s bad for you” stuff. You can find that stuff on a bajillion other sites. But if you’ve considered stopping this habit, click above to download the PDF I made to track! If you want one without the month, click below. Either way, you’ll have to add the numbers to the days because I wanted it to be able to be used if someone finds this in September 2021, etc.

No Soda This Month

Enjoy, and GOOD LUCK!!!

Free tracker to help you stop your soda habits!

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