Guest Post: How to Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday During Quarantine!

Guest Post: How to Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday During Quarantine!

Hi everyone! I was really excited when Elkyra reached out about a guest post on my blog. I think her topic is SUPER fitting, given our current situation, and she’s got some great ideas! Our kids’ birthdays were in April, but they’re so young and we don’t have family here, that we didn’t do anything special (and they won’t remember this birthday anyway!). One of our best friends recently did a drive-by outdoor birthday and she rented a tropical icee/slushie food truck for the kids, which was SO cute and such a good idea! Enjoy Elkyra’s post, and visit her on her own website at!

How To Celebrate Your Kid’s Birthday During Quarantine

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, all your child’s favorite activities have been set aside. They can no
longer see their playmates anytime they want, go to the park if they get bored at home, or just eat at
their favorite restaurant because it is just so scary to go out and risk the kids’ health.
Unfortunately, this also means that they cannot host traditional birthday parties. How sad, right?
The good thing is that you can put a twist on their birthday celebration without disappointing your
kiddo. Here are just some of the many things that you can do:


Yes, you can still camp out but not at state campgrounds. All you need is a tent and you are good to
go. Just set up your tent in your backyard and you can enjoy the feel of the outdoors. You can even
roast marshmallows at your own fire pit (or an oven will do). If you are not comfortable sleeping in
the backyard, you can place your tent in the living room instead.
No tent? Just lay your sleeping bags or air mattress in the family room. Complete the set up with
pillows and blankets to enjoy a fun-filled night with the family. Spice up the evening with scary stories
if you think that your kids are old enough to handle hair-raising narratives.


There are tons of online resources to download free printable decorations and activities from. Take
advantage of those as it is difficult and, honestly, unnecessary to go out just to buy party supplies.
Involve your kids in the creation and let their creativity flourish through these exercises.
You’ll see. They will truly enjoy this new experience.


Some parents love DIY projects, while many others simply don’t have the time or talent for this kind
of endeavour. If you are one of those parents, you can borrow decors and activities from other
For instance, you can light up your house with Christmas lights. If your kiddo is into scary stuff, you
can bedeck the house with toy spiders, and bats, and build a theme around those things. Or if you
want, you can do an Easter egg hunt.
Just do anything out of the ordinary to make your child’s day feel different and special.


If your little one really misses his friends, you can try to organize a virtual party through Zoom,
FaceTime, Skype, or what have you. Let his friends participate in sing-offs, or dance parties. If you
want, you can prepare loot bags beforehand and send them to your kid’s friends so they can enojoy
the goodies at the same time.


Children’s parties usually have bounce houses, right? We can’t have that this time so you will have to
improvise. Take out your air mattress and let your kid bounce up and down.
I know this is against your rules but make an exception just this once since it’s their special day. After
their big day, you can go back to saying NO every time he does this.


It seems like we’re in this for a really long time, so why not spend on something that the kids can
enjoy without using gadgets? If you have money to spare, you can buy board games or even activity
centers as gift for the birthday celebrant.

These are some of the many things you can do for your kid to celebrate their birthday during
quarantine. Whatever it is that you plan to do, make sure that the focus is on them, and that they
feel safe and loved. This year might not be what you expected, but the celebration will turn out memorable if you add in a little twist. Good luck!

Elkyra Park is a first-time mom who can no longer count how many baby products she has reviewed
for her sanity and her son’s sake. She discusses about the realities of parenthood and how to
gracefully cope with the struggles over at

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