5 Tips on Prepping for a Keto Restart

5 Tips on Prepping for a Keto Restart

This post is for the ladies in my Keto Restart Facebook Group (free private support group if you want to join!), but I hope it will be helpful for anyone else interesting in prepping for a Keto Restart as well! The information below is what I personally do when I’m prepping for a Keto restart–whether I’ve eaten a little too much Carb-age (play on GARbage, get it?! Haaaaa…), or if I just need to help reset my mind to getting back in the Keto game. I’m not a nutritionist or doctor, but these things have worked for me. I lost all of my baby weight on Keto 3.5 years ago from my first baby, and replicated the same loss after my second son was born. I’m launching a reset for myself on 1/3, and am looking forward to feeling healthy again, losing some more weight I’ve put on since I’ve let some carbs slip back into my diet the last few months!

Prepping for a Keto Restart:

  1. Weigh Yourself. This seems obvious, but maybe you don’t want to get on the scale. Just do it–write your number on a post-it, crux
    mple it up and throw it to the back of your sock drawer. After you’ve nailed your new way of eating and have lost a bunch of weight, go back and find it, and then burn it for revenge, because you’ve totally nailed it!
  2. Measure Yourself. This one may seem less obvious, but you really should take note of your measurements. If you’re a woman, especially focus on your thighs, hips, waist and chest. If you don’t have a fabric measuring tape, use string, and then measure it out. Tip: Keep your strings! If you find the scale not moving like you want it to, check your string!!
  3. Dump all of your “bad” food items, or lock them up. This is hard to do, I get it. Personally, I just want to throw out anything that’s not “Keto-Friendly” and just start over at this point. One of the harder things for me is when my husband doesn’t eat Keto. He’s done it with me in the past, but he’ll get bored because we haven’t done a great job making a lot of different things (I’m one of those people that can eat a bunless bacon cheeseburger with a fried egg and avocado on it for 5 days in a row and that’s great. He’s DEFINITELY not that kind of person). After getting bored, he gets off Keto, and then I’m the only one left on it. This time the whole family is in, and we’ve vowed to get better at meal planning–something I’m extremely terrible at.
  4. Start stocking up on your Keto Staples. I’m going to do a separate post on this for the gals in my Facebook Group, but for now here are some links to some of my favorites (these have not changed!):
    • 13 Tips on Starting Keto for Beginners
    • Must Have Keto Consumables and Non-Consumables. The only things I *might* need to update here is the addition of my InstantPot or Air Fryer. I haven’t used them enough yet to say (just got both for Christmas!). And I WILL need to edit an update to my favorite Ketone monitor. At the time I wrote this, KetoCoach didn’t have a blood ketone monitor, so I was using their urine strips and Keto Mojo’s blood monitor. I still think very highly of Keto Mojo, but KetoCoach’s blood ketone monitor they have now is by far my favorite. Read my review of it here. It’s THE BEST and it’s all thanks to their strips being individually wrapped.
  5. Get in the Right Mindset. Start reading your Keto books, listening to audiobooks or podcasts, and watch YouTube videos. Below are a few of my favorites, all that I have purchased, use and love:
    • Books:
    • Audiobooks:
      • Keto Clarity by Jimmy Moore
      • Keto-Adapted by Maria Emmerich
      • Keto. (Same as 2nd book above) by Maria Emmerich
      • Note: I bought these on Audible, but they’d be great to get from your local library. I don’t have a lot of time to actually sit and read books, so when I’m driving around I’ve been listening to these to continue getting Keto-words in my brain!
    • Podcasts:
      • If you don’t want to spend the time on the audiobooks, these podcasts are great! There’s a lot of info, so you just need to sort through what you like! Below are a few of my favorites:
      • The Keto Diet Podcast–Leanne Vogel
      • Keto for Normies–KetoConnect
      • Keto for Women Show–Shawn Mynar
      • Dr. Berg’s Healthy Keto & Intermittent Fasting Podcast–Dr. Eric Berg
      • Keto Talk with Jimmy Moore and Dr. Will Cole
    • YouTube Videos/Channels:
      • Thomas DeLauer. I love his channel! Don’t be turned off by the fact that he’s a celebrity trainer (I was, at first). He seems super relatable, knowledgable and just an overall nice person. The only thing I hate about his videos are how they’re so “professionally” made that they sometimes cut into random things (people eating, people exercising…etc. If you watch, you’ll know what I mean). I have no idea why it bothers me, just a personal thing. But he makes Keto Content very easy to understand!
      • This video on Intermittent Fasting for Women. I LOVE Intermittent Fasting, and general fast 16:8 about 4-5 days a week. This isn’t mandatory on Keto, but a lot of great benefits are laid out here.
      • This video on Keto for Women. Simple and informative.
      • Leanne Vogel’s channel. Her videos were some of the first that I watched, and I went to one of her book signings here in Minneapolis last spring. I’m dying to get to one of Maria Emmerich’s too!
      • Maria Emmerich is one of my absolute favorite Keto advocates if you couldn’t tell. She does a lot on her Facebook page, but not a lot on YouTube. Nevertheless, she does have some YT videos out there, and I hope she does more!
      • Dr. Eric Berg’s channel. I find him to be super informative as well. There is a TON of Keto info out there. I mean look at ME–I’m not a nutritionist or anyone even close to it outside of my 3.5 years of Keto experience. However, the people I promote and listen to are the ones that have been doing this a long time, and aren’t a “flavor of the week” if you know what I mean. As someone personally invested in the Keto lifestyle, these are the people I’ve found the most help and information from.

“Extra” Tips you may want to start doing now before your official reset!

  • Download the app called “Carb Manager”. This is my favorite app for tracking carbs. 20g net or less is what I stick to. Track EVERYTHING as you start!
  • Start bookmarking your favorite recipes that you want to make. Meal planning will really help you! As I mentioned above, I’m bad at it, so I’m going to really work hard at making sure I’m pre-planned out. What recipes am I making for the week? Have them bookmarked, then write out my grocery list, SHOP instead of using Instacart, buy only organic grass-fed and finished meats, high quality eggs and butter (KerryGold all the way!), and then divvy all the ingredients out into freezer bags with labels so that whether I’m InstantPot-ing, Airfrying, Slow-Cooking, whatever…everything is in ONE SPOT!
  • If it’s your first time, Carb Manager will help you calculate your macros. You can also use Maria’s calculator here which I like (super easy). Write these down!

Ok, so between these simple tips–hopefully this will help you get started and get in the Keto-mindset-zone!! If you’re in my Facebook group, I’ll be posting more here and there, and will continue to try to put up more videos or blog posts so that everything is in one spot. Remember: Keto doesn’t have to be super complicated. Minimize your carb intake to 20g net or less, protein is your GOAL, and fat is your LEVER!! If there’s ONE thing I wish I realized before I started Keto several years ago, it’s that Ketosis is caused by the absence of Carbs, not by the presence of Fats. You don’t “have to get your fats in”. Fat will help keep you full, but it’s not a goal you must hit. Your protein goal is the one you have to hit. Too much protein will convert to glucose (sugar!!) in your body. This is why tracking your macros in the beginning is so important. There are so many foods we think are healthy that aren’t, and have hidden carbs, or have too much protein in a certain serving that will put you over your protein goal for the day.

I know all of this might sound like a lot; trust me, every time I’m like “this is something that really helped me, I’m going to share it!” I realize that it might be one more thing to throw someone over the edge. Keep it simple, and just take it one step at a time. At the end of the day, the healthiest thing you can do is to remove sugars and carbs from your diet, and eat clean, healthy, whole ¬†and unprocessed foods. Just remember that!!! You’ve got this!!

5 Tips on Prepping for a Keto Restart with keto books

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