No Buy November!! (Template Included)

No Buy November!! (Template Included)

It’s No Buy November time! This year basically went by in a day and a half…!!! We had a great night trick-or-treating with neighborhood friends last night, and now I’m ready to look forward to Thanksgiving in a few weeks. I’m not super thrilled about the really cold weather we’re experiencing (we had maybe 4 days of sweater-and-jeans weather…that’s it), but that’s what you get living in the Minnesota tundra I guess!

This is a short post, but I wanted to share a No Buy November template I made for myself. If you haven’t heard of this before, it’s basically the idea that you save some extra money during the month of November by tracking any frivolous spending, and not purchasing things you don’t really need. Need milk, eggs, groceries? Obviously you buy those! This is for the extra cookies you’re craving while you’re shopping but don’t necessarily need, or the cute mug you found at Target that really IS cute, but you already have 25 other mugs (that sounds all too familiar…). The template is super simple–no thrills, only black ink, no dumb logos on it that you wish weren’t there. Just print, decorate as you’d like, and use it to check off days that you didn’t buy anything you really truly don’t need. There’s a spot on the list that also lets you record things you DID buy if you faltered, and a spot for you to write down things you want so that you can save it for later (hey, if you still want it in a month, maybe you SHOULD get it!).

Sometimes it’s just fun to  write things down instead of typing a note in your phone…so if you think you might want to join me in not spending frivolously during the month of November (where the “No Buy November” phrase comes from), print one of these out and start tracking! Enjoy!

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No Buy November!

Download this No Buy November template to track your spending this month! No logos, no subscribing to download, just an easy template you can download, print, decorate and fill out! #nobuynovember #freedownload #financedownload

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