Why You Don’t Need Speed Keto

Why You Don’t Need Speed Keto

I’ve been seeing so many things on a new Keto phenomenon (as if it wasn’t propagandized enough lately!) called “Speed Keto”, and I felt like addressing it here after having been on Keto for the last 3 years.

First, let me preface this post by saying I’m not against “Speed Keto”, but I absolutely don’t think it’s necessary for you to spend your money on this program to start this way of eating. The reality is that Keto has become a diet sensation, exploited by celebrities, companies and other individuals trying to make money. This isn’t a terrible thing (I mean hey, its popularity has given me some of my absolute FAVORITE every-day Keto snacks or meals that I now don’t have to make myself! –hello Keto Brownie, Love Good Fats and Sated–I’m looking right at you!!). The bad news, however, is that everyone is trying to get a piece of the Keto pie. I, along with so many others, have been “doing Keto” since before it suddenly became popular overnight. It makes me so sad to think that a diet focused around solving medical issues (go back and research Keto’s “birth”, helping epileptic children, etc.) has now become a huge focus around making money.

Now, if you want to pay some money ($40-ish one-time fee apparently), and be in a special group, with special menus and meals, then go for it! Nothing wrong with that. I’ve spent money in wayyyy worse ways. But honestly, you just don’t need it. Here’s why:

  1. You can find Keto Meal support anywhere. Truly, anywhere. There are numerous Facebook groups (join my own POSITIVITY ONLY private Keto FB group for women here) that have hundreds, even thousands, of active members. You don’t need to pay money to be in some elite group. Same thing with Instagram! Find someone you can connect with there, ask questions, etc.
  2. You can find recipes and meal plans anywhere. Again, you don’t need to pay for this. There are so many recipes online, so many great books (anything by Maria Emmerich is AMAZING, and I also love Southern Keto by Natasha Newton if you’re looking for good Keto books). The biggest thing you want to look for if you’re not using recipes from a book, is to just make sure your carb counts and other macros are right.
  3. You can start by yourself, with no plans necessary. Here are my tips on how:
    • Download the Carb Manager app. You don’t need the paid version, just use the free one. I had the paid version and didn’t renew…I just didn’t use it. Track your macros, and keep carbs 20g or less. There’s a way to edit for a Keto diet in Carb Manager instead of calculating everything out yourself, so that’s the way I have mine set up. Remember, fat is a LEVER, not a goal. The moderate PROTEIN is the goal, along with staying less than 20g of net carbs per day.
    • If you’re serious, buy a blood ketone monitor. KetoCoach is my favorite, and has the least expensive strips. I test nearly every day, and these monitors are the most accurate to check your ketone levels. Keep in mind, testing blood glucose is also an important part of your testing; however, that’s not something I test unless I’m specifically looking to see if something has spiked my blood sugar.
    • Don’t buy pills, exogenous ketones, or any stupid poopoo nonsense. You don’t need it. Especially if you’re blood testing, you will KNOW when you’re in ketosis. If I’m “out”, I can get right back in by fasting. The monitor is your BFF to make sure you’re on track. Yes, you can buy pee strips, but they’re not amazingly accurate. They’re cheaper, but again, if you’re serious about getting and STAYING on Keto, get the monitor.
    • Give it a chance. Keto isn’t a short term thing, even though many people post about their short term progress. If you don’t lose 50lbs the first 4 months don’t worry. Everybody is different, and responds differently to a low carb diet.

The best advice I can give someone being new is to read credited materials, and don’t fall into a trap of people selling things. Restrict your carbs, and TRACK EVERYTHING. Buy the monitor, because I promise you it WORKS and you can’t go wrong with it. Intermittent Fasting is also a great pairing with the Keto diet, but if you’re super new, DON’T try to do everything at once. Just take it piece by piece, and find people who really enjoy on social media to help and connect with. Again, message me on Instagram, I’m happy to help you! I’m by no means an expert, but I’ve been eating Keto for 3+ years, before it became “popular”, so this is pretty dear to my heart and I believe in it 100%.

PS–I have a small private Keto Facebook group for women, and would love for you to join if you’re interested in more info, have questions, etc. This is a positivity ONLY group–no “Keto Police”, negativity or any of that BS. Just love, support, and anything you need on YOUR journey to help make you successful. I’m not selling anything (I don’t have anything TO sell HAHA), or promoting any one certain way…just sharing what I’ve done for the last 4 years that have made me successful. Find the group by clicking HERE!

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