The Best Baby Bottle and Toy Sterilizer {Giveaway!}

The Best Baby Bottle and Toy Sterilizer {Giveaway!}

When I think of the things that I’ve needed and used with my babies, a baby bottle sanitizer hasn’t been on the list. Truth be told, I never thought I needed one. When Gourmia Jr. reached out to have me try out their Digital Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer, I was really hesitant, mostly because we’re almost to the point of not needing bottles anymore (I can’t believe my little guy is 9 months old!), and I really didn’t feel like it was something I needed. I said yes, and as soon as I used it, I was hooked!

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To start off, it’s huge. And up front, I’ll say this is literally the ONLY downside I can find to the Gourmia Jr. baby bottle sterilizer.  You’re going to need a lot of space for it, whether you keep it out on the counter or put it in a cabinet.

Above are all the pieces it comes with–There’s a big base that gets plugged in, and that white tub sits on top and is able to be removed. Below are the steps to sanitizing bottles–AND TOYS–I repeat…AND TOYS!!!!!!

Step 1: Add water to the food-grade metal plate

Step 2: Add your bottles (or toys); my Medela bottles fit perfectly in there. So for reference, I clean these these by hand, and then stuck them in here.

Step 3: Add nipples (and toys!). The first time I only did bottles, but every time after, I’ve stuck baby toys in there like our Sophie giraffe, and other teething toys. 

Step 4: Put the top on!

Step 5: Set the timer. It sterilizes or sterilizes AND dries. I’ve only ever used the sterilize and dry option, because I want them dry and perfect! You can set the timer for 30, 40 or 50 minutes. I’ve only done 50 because I have the time to just let it do its thing.

Step 6: Sit back and relax!!!

Lastly, once it’s done, there are tongs to pull everything out!

The tongs fit the medela bottles perfectly! You can fit 8 bottles in there if needed!

So my honest review is that I never would have thought I’d need this, but YES, I’d buy it, and I LOVE it. It came at the most perfect time, because everything seems to need sanitation right now…Everyone was sick, so I was sanitizing these bottles literally multiple times a day, along with toys, so that I knew they were clean. We also got a puppy, and she’ll sometimes get into the baby toys, so I immediately take those away and sanitize them if she gets one.

The only downside like I mentioned, is that it’s huge. It’s like stand-mixer huge, and I know that can be a huge deterrent since space is limited. I don’t have a designated space for this in our kitchen, so every time I use it I put it back in the box and put it in the laundry room. Luckily, there aren’t a lot of parts, so you’re not having to really assemble a ton of things.

For $59.99 on Amazon Prime, I’d say this is DEFINITELY worth it, because of how much it can do and sterilize. If you’re already looking for a sterilizer, buy it!! If you were thinking (like me), that you might not use something like this, you might be surprised. After not having had one for my first baby, and now getting it 9 months into our second kiddo, I do wish I had this for my first. Knowing things are sterilized gives me such peace of mind, and as a parent, I feel like we’re all kind of searching for that, right?!

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Thank you to Gourmia Jr. for sponsoring this post! All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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