The Best Keto Cereal

The Best Keto Cereal

This is the only Keto Cereal recipe you’ll ever need.

I’ve never considered pork rinds to be a staple in my diet. Until I started Keto, I never really thought anyone actually ate them. They’d be there in their own little corner of the convenience stores we’d stop at on our way to the cabin or on a road trip, kind of sitting there pathetically, on their way to expiration until someone decided that animal skin was their last resort because all the Cheetos were out of stock.

I couldn’t even stomach them when I began Keto, because of what they are. Let’s not even talk about it.

I started by eating them with buffalo chicken dip. Then I started making Keto Churros. And now I’ve graduated to the very best use of pork rinds, which is in the form of Keto Cereal. And life has never been better. Because I LOVE CEREAL. I gave it up a long time ago, but there was a moment in time when I would eat a bowl of cereal for every meal of the day and think that was fine (not a joke).

How to make Keto Cereal:

See the video below, but if you don’t have time to watch it, here’s what you need:

4T of butter

3T Swerve CONFECTIONERS (make sure it’s confectioners!!!!)

Cinnamon to taste

Pork Rinds

Directions: Melt 4T of butter in a microwavable bowl (~45 seconds). Once it’s melted, put in your Swerve and cinnamon. Then crumble up your pork rinds and add them in little clusters, coating them with the mixture. You want to add little handfuls (about 1 cup of crushed rinds) until they’re all evenly coated. Once you’re done, but the whole bowl into the fridge for about 15 minutes. Then, take it out, add unsweetened almond milk and you’re done!!

The Nutrition Facts, as inserted to my Carb Manager App, should look a bit like this:

2g Net Carbs, 1g Fiber, 59g Fat, 22g Protein

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