What to Do at the San Diego Zoo with a Toddler

What to Do at the San Diego Zoo with a Toddler

I’m still in dream mode, reminiscing on our trip to San Diego a few weeks ago. I wrote this post on our visit to the San Diego Zoo last year, and figured I’d share my top 5 favorite things to do at the San Diego Zoo with a toddler this time! If you haven’t been to this zoo before, you need to put it on your list if you live in SoCal, or if you’re traveling out that way. My mom and I have been going to San Diego for 25+ years, and we go every.single.year. It’s usually our first stop, and we absolutely love it! Now that we’re bringing the kids along, we don’t get to hit Balboa Park and the Spanish Village right next door like we used to, but we’re still in it to win it at the zoo!

My Favorite Things to Do at the San Diego Zoo with a Toddler

Take the Safari Bus

We always do this first! The view is amazing, especially from the top!

See the Flamingos

I love this spot because you’ve got a perfect stroller-view!!

Play at the Polar Bears

There aren’t a ton of play areas at the zoo. There’s a children’s zoo area that does have a playground, but I love this little one at the polar bear spot where the kids can climb in and out of seal holes in the “ice”!

Get a Kid’s Meal

This sounds crazy, but it’s real! Each kid’s meal comes with a ton of food for about $9, and it also has a souvenir bag for the kids. My daughter loved carrying her lunch bag around putting leaves and other treasures (read: trash…ahh!) in it.

Take the SkyFari

Who doesn’t love the SkyFari!? The only downside is that you have to leave your stroller, just like at the Safari bus, so bring your valuables!

These aren’t my only favorites, of course; we LOVE the children’s zoo, the hummingbird area that’s kid of set back a little bit from the path, the Koala walk, and the new Africa Rocks exhibit too!!

San Diego Zoo with a Toddler

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