6 Amazing Attractions at Sea World for Toddlers (that allow strollers!)

6 Amazing Attractions at Sea World for Toddlers (that allow strollers!)

SeaWorld has always been one of my favorite places. We go to San Diego every year (here’s my post from last year!), and it’s one of my favorite places to check out. We went again this year, and it was SO much more fun now that my daughter is a little over two! The only problem, now that we have the little guy, is that we had a HUGE double stroller with us. It became kind of annoying to consistently drop our huge stroller off, and then carry my son and wrangle my daughter in exhibits, so I found the top 5 amazing attractions at SeaWorld for toddlers that ALLOW strollers!!! They are:

1. Cleaner Fish

Yes, these guys are right at the front of the park, but they’re legit my favorite thing at SeaWorld. I could seriously sit here all day with my hands in the water. Fun, stroller can be right next to you, it’s an awesome attraction at SeaWorld for toddlers!

2. Orca Viewing

There’s a ramp down to the Orca aquarium that allows strollers, and it’s so fun to watch the killer whales through the glass below, or catch the trainer up top training!

3. Feed the Stingrays

Ok, we didn’t feed them (maybe next year), but we loved seeing and petting them!! Again, a nice little ramp for strollers!

4. The Penguins!

One of my favorites–it’s AIR CONDITIONED which is a HUGE WIN. You can take the stroller in and bring it on the moving walkway (or take it up to the second level and breastfeed in the dark quiet, let your baby take a nap, whatever!! Either way, you’re in the nice cold, which you may need when you’re in San Diego!). The penguins are so freakin cute, too!

5. Turtle Reef

This one should actually be #1 on the list…it’s honestly an awesome exhibit; it’s kind of set back in the park a little bit, and so it’s never been really crowded in there. There’s so many soothing tanks in the dark, it’s another air conditioned area, and completely stroller friendly. If I was alone, I’d have just sat there on a bench and stared at the fish and turtles!!!

6. Wild Arctic

No wait, THIS ONE should be #1!!! This one was new for us this year, and it was a huge hit. We totally missed it because it was hidden next to the Arctic North simulation ride, which I LOVE, but haven’t done for the last few years because #kids. I honestly didn’t even realize or remember there was this huge exhibit with belugas and walruses! There’s not a ton of signage either, so again, not a lot of people! It was AWESOME, air conditioned (can you tell I love air conditioned areas?!), and pretty large. There were also fun realistic dioramas portraying research life in the wild arctic as well! Very stroller friendly with ramps everywhere too, of course!


All of these have been amazing attractions at SeaWorld for toddlers, but I don’t want to discount the sesame street park–that’s fun too, and allows strollers obviously, but that’s kind of a given, which is why I didn’t include them in this post! If you’re considering this park in San Diego, I think it’s well worth it. We absolutely love going, and will continue to support SeaWorld for all of their animal rescue efforts, not just the fun of their park!

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