36 Keto Essentials You Must Have

36 Keto Essentials You Must Have

NOTE: This post is NOT sponsored. These products are not sponsored. I have spent my money on every single one of these, and love them, which is why I’m sharing them!

I’ve been eating a Ketogenic diet for several months now. If you missed my original post, I lost 60lbs after I had my daughter while on Keto, so this is my second time on the diet. After having been on it twice and for extended periods of time, I can confidently say that this list of Keto Essentials contains everything you need to get started, and then continue this way of eating. These Keto Essentials are things that I love and eat or use every single day.

I’ve broken my list of Keto Essentials up into two lists: Consumables (eat it) and Non-Consumables (use it). There are so many foods or supplements that I’d consider integral to my success, but then there are also things that I use and love. Do you HAVE to have the Ninja blender listed? No, of course not. But I LOVE mine, and I use it every day. So treat the non-consumables list as things that are nice to have, but that can be substituted very easily. The foods/supplements list, however, is exactly what I use and love, and to me they are 100% my Keto Essentials that I will always have on hand, repurchase religiously, and share with anyone that they’re my favorites.

My Keto Essentials:

See my list with descriptions below!

Keto Essentials

Ok first–there are way more great things to have in terms of meats and veggies, but these are my FAVORITES to always stock, so just keep that in mind ūüôā

1. Kerrygold Butter: This butter is wonderful, but it’s also going through a potential law suit right now due to false claims. I won’t comment on that, but I will say we use more Target brand butter than Kerrygold; but I’m including this one because it really is delicious!

2. Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil: You’ll see several MCT type oils listed. There are several that are my favorites, and I rotate around between a few of them.

3. Raw Organic Sauerkraut: This is a MUST for probiotics. I had a follower from my Instagram page mention it, and it’s seriously been a godsend. So, it’s a must-have for me now!

4. Perfect Keto Chocolate MCT Oil Powder: This is what I use in my Bulletproof Coffee every day, along with #9. I love how easy the powder is, and the chocolate combo makes it taste awesome! See my BPC post HERE

5. Cream Cheese: I buy Philadelphia and the Target brand; they’re both good in my opinion. I run through so much cream cheese it’s crazy, so I usually buy it in bulk.

6. Avocado Oil: Healthy Oils are obviously a big deal on Keto, and any Keto Essentials List. I got mine at the World Market in Bloomington, MN. It was SUPER cheap for a huge bottle!

7. Swerve Sweeters: OHHH How I love these! One of my other favorite sweeteners lately is the Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener, but I’ve been using Swerve for years and so I thought it deserved a spot here. I buy it on Amazon because it’s cheaper/same price as buying it in the store. I buy BOTH–one is granular and the other is a confectioner’s substitute. I love it because it doesn’t have an aftertaste, net 0 carbs, and still allows me to indulge in my favorite mug cake or other sweet–because my sweet tooth isn’t ever going anywhere!

8. SportsResearch MCT Oil: Another MCT oil that I love. I buy this on Amazon and the bottle is huge–like literally, it will last you a year.

9. Perfect Keto Chocolate Collagen: I just started taking this stuff, but it quickly because a staple in my Bulletproof coffee because I don’t like the coffee taste. I’ve been wanting to try collagen due to its therapeutic properties, and so I’m hoping for good results from this. But regardless, it’s delicious and I’m going to keep buying it as a monthly staple.

10. Lindt 90% Chocolate: I buy this in bulk at Target when they’re on sale for $2.50. Even if I wasn’t eating Keto, this is my favorite chocolate. For some reason it’s MUCH creamier and has more flavor that then 80 or 85%, which I won’t even touch. One square has 1 net carb, so it’s a perfect little snack. One square will satisfy my sweet tooth, and I carry a bar with me at all times!

11. Lily’s Chocolate Chips: These are a staple for my chocolate chip cookie mug cakes. They’re expensive ($6.50+ per bag), but worth it. They’re super delicious!

12. Pork Rinds: I never thought these would be a staple for me, but I’ve just started loving them on this second round of Keto. I use them as a chip replacement to use for dips, crush them up and use them as a coating for chicken tenders, and use them to make Keto Cereal. They’re super amazing and versatile, and this is coming from someone who couldn’t even stomach them last time she was on Keto. They take a little while to get used to, yes, but as long as I can mask the taste of what they really are (bleh), I’m good!

13. Cheese: DUH! My favorite to-go cheese is the Cracker Barrell sharp cheddar stick packs, and my favorite bulk-buy cheese is the Cabot Cheddar that I’ve found at Costco. Any sharp cheddar will due, though. It’s my favorite!

14. Avocados: Buy them in bulk–they’re great fats, and super versatile!

15. Brussel Sprouts: I love making these with avocado oil and crumbled bacon. One of my favorite side dishes, so these are a must have.

16. Broccoli: I usually buy broccoli that’s frozen, because I just want to steam it in the microwave. So I always have a few bags of it in the freezer for a quick veggie!

17. Chicken Wings: I think I just need to throw it out there that Chicken is one of my favorites, but you need to be careful because of its high protein content. So eat the skin, get wings, thighs, etc. We buy ours from a local farm that delivers fresh chicken and eggs whenever we want. Seriously, I don’t know how I got so lucky to have found them, but I love them so much! If you’re in the west metro area, it’s Grass Lake Farm.

18. Ground Meat: Buy the heaviest fat content!!!!

19. Bacon: DUH! Best tip I can give you is to buy it from a local butcher. I found a butcher near our cabin that makes the most incredible Apple Cider bacon, and I buy 10lbs of it at a time and freeze it. It’s delicious, perfect, and hormone/additive free.

NOT PICTURED but still important:

20. Other Meat: We love prime rib and making roasts. Make sure you buy fatty cuts. This has always been a little hard for me because in general I hate the taste of squishy fat in my mouth. If you’re eating chicken breast (which I love), make sure you add MCT oil to it!

21. Heavy Whipping Cream: BE CAREFUL when using it! 1T can have about 45-50 calories in it, so if you’re not careful, you’re adding tons of calories to a potentially already-high-calorie item, like BPC. I know this because I literally just realized it myself and freaked out.

22. Eggs: The perfect combo of protein/fat/carbs! Try to get organic, farm fresh eggs if you can. If you haven’t tasted the difference, you’ll never go back to eggs from the store ever again. I literally WILL NEVER buy eggs from anywhere else except my local farmer now.

23. Lowry’s Seasoning Salt: I put this on everything, and in my opinion it’s THE BEST seasoning ever! We also use a lot of chili powder, paprika and italian seasoning, which you’ll want to consider to make your own Taco Seasoning. Did you know that your regular taco seasoning from the store is loaded with carbs?! YES. CHECK IT!!!

24. Kettle & Fire Bone Broth: This stuff is pretty amazing, but also pretty expensive. However, I don’t enjoy making my own, so it’s worth it.

25. Almond Flour: I can’t believe I put this one last–I use it EVERY DAY. I buy mine from Costco in a huge bag, and it does last a while. Definitely a staple! This Kirkland one I linked is the one I buy over and over again.

26. Riced Cauliflower: The best option ever for a rice substitute. I saut√© it in butter and it’s PERFECT!


And now for my non-consumable Keto Essentials!!

Keto Essentials Non Consumables

These are all my absolute favorite things that I’d consider my Keto Essentials that aren’t something I’m always eating! For some of these, I’d say the brand probably doesn’t matter–it’s the concept of having them, and how easy they make your life! But, if you’re looking for tried and true items that work, these are the exact ones I have.

1. Ninja Blender:¬†I’ve had this for several years, and love it. I’ve always loved all of my Ninja items. They’re totally worth the price tag. I use this for everything, honestly, but my favorite is to use the single-serve cups and blend my bulletproof coffee in them. We also have a Ninja coffee maker that we love!

2.¬†Travel Blender:¬†This is awesome for making BPC when you’re traveling. I know it seems insane to travel with one of these, but if you’re serious about Keto and your BPC, you need it!

3.¬†Travel Containers:¬†These are what I carry my MCT oil in when I travel. Yes, I’m serious. I keep them in a sandwich baggie in my purse so they don’t leak, although I’ve never had that happen.

4. The Keto Mojo Monitor: This monitor is everything to me, and should technically be #1 on a Keto Essentials list if I was ranking them by how much I love each one! We have a tumultuous relationship though. I tend to take it’s reading as the holy keto gospel, which is probably not very good…but I can’t help it! Tracking your blood ketones are the most accurate way to verify that you’re in ketosis. I’m going to start tracking my blood glucose with this monitor as well. I highly HIGHLY recommend it for beginners. And if you’re scared about pricking yourself–listen: I am more scared of needles and blood than anyone. I once passed out before a need even touched me when I was getting blood work in high school. For the longest time I had to have my husband prick my finger because I’m such a pussy. How I even had two kids and didn’t pass out during the whole process is still beyond me. But I can do this. And it doesn’t hurt. So you can DEFINITELY do it too!

5. Veggie Spiralizer: This is awesome, because I spiral all my Zucchini noodles. I once bought the pre-made ones from Target and they STANK and were bad. So now, I only ever do my own! Although I only buy pre-made cauliflower rice because that I HATE doing, and the pre-done stuff is just as good as doing it yourself.

6.¬†Handheld Mixer:¬†I have a huge KitchenAid that I love, but sometimes it’s nice to just have this little tiny thing!

7. Keto Coach Test Strips: If you’re not interested in the blood monitor, these strips are definitely my favorite of all the ones out there (I’ve tried a ton).

8.¬†Zak! Travel Mug:¬†I bought mine at Target, and I love it! My husband has a Yeti one and this keeps everything just as hot and cold as that expensive one. Buy this one, it’s WAY more bang for your buck. I paid $7.99 for it!

9. Immersion Blender: Another option for your BPC, if you want to blend it inside your travel mug instead of a blender!

10.¬†Microwave Bacon Crisper:¬†I know the microwave isn’t that great, and apparently changes food and sends particles out everywhere or whatever it does…but sometimes baking bacon isn’t fast enough. This thing is awesome, and works perfectly! It takes me about 5 minutes to do 5 pieces of thick cut bacon, and my only complaint is that the bacon is curly instead of straight. #strangefoodproblems

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you have any Keto Essentials that you love!



  1. Cole
    August 17, 2018 / 9:08 PM

    I would say my essentials are cheese, in all forms: blocks, cubes, shredded, cream. And a good sweetener sub like Pyure.

    For gadgets: I’d say a good avocado knife, the one that cuts it open, wrangles the pit out, and the other end extracts perfect slices. And I agree with you, Ninja or immersion blender for BPC all day long!

    • Meredith
      August 17, 2018 / 10:01 PM

      Love it!! I’ve never used an avocado knife–I’ll have to try one now that you mentioned it!!!

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