Things We Love for Baby #2 Series: Arms Reach Co-Sleeper

Things We Love for Baby #2 Series: Arms Reach Co-Sleeper

Co-sleeping seems to still be a highly debated topic in the parenting world. I’m not here to debate either way, but to share my own experience, and a product we’ve been using. We had our daughter in our room with us when she was born, and we’re repeating the same thing with our son. We’re using the mini EZ 2-in-1 Co-Sleeper, which has been an amazing bassinet for the side of our bed. It’s so easy to quickly reach over and grab the little guy whenever he needs to be fed or cuddled. It can be used as a free standing basinet or a bedside sleeper, so even if you decide you want to move your baby into their own room, they can still use the EZ (up until about 5 months).

So–why do I consider this one of my favorite new things for our second baby? First, it’s super easy to set up. It whips up real fast like a pack and play, and it’s so small, that you could definitely take it along on a road trip with you. It weighs 25lbs, so it’s not overly heavy. The quality is great too, so you know you’re not dealing with something that’s cheaply made.

Second, I love how easy it is to reach over and pick up my little man. I don’t have to lean far over, or hurt myself trying to get him in the middle of the night.

Third, there’s tons of ventilation. Because my son is still little, I’m still paranoid about all kinds of things, but knowing that he’s in a well-ventilated space makes me happy.

I definitely think that this bassinet is worth a look if you’re considering a bassinet or co-sleeper for your bedroom. We’ve been so happy with having this, and having our son in our room for easy access and special bonding time! Learn more about the co-sleeper here:


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  1. Sandy Bigatel
    June 19, 2018 / 4:59 PM

    This is a must for all new babies and their concerned parents.

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