Three Reasons Why We’re Not Turning After Two

Three Reasons Why We’re Not Turning After Two

I’ve had a lot of internal debate lately around whether or not we should change our daughter’s carseat to front facing vs rear facing. I know people whose kids still rear face at 4 years old, and I know people who had changed to front facing way earlier than two. Total judgement-free zone here–you have to do what you think is best for your child!

My personal opinion is that the longer they stay rear facing, the better, and my opinion was confirmed when my doctor, whom I trust completely, said the same thing. Basically whatever she says, I’m all over, I just love her so much!

Ultimately we decided not to turn our daughter after she turned two for the following reasons:

  1. She’s very small to begin with
  2. She’s not uncomfortable in her rear facing seat
  3. It’s safer

The downside is that it is definitely harder to get her in the rear facing seat as she grows, and I’m also looking forward to being able to see her in a rear-view mirror, or let her watch a show on the drop-down DVD player my van has. Despite these things though, it’s better to be safe.

When we do switch her, we have the perfect car seat, and don’t need to switch! She’s in a Maxi Cosi Pria 85 right now, and we love it. It rear-faces 5-40lbs (she’s 22lbs), and front faces 22-85lbs, so it will grow with her!

There are a couple benefits to this car seat that I absolutely love and that no other car seat has:

  • A magnetic one-hand chest clip
  • Harness holders to keep the straps out of the way (hallelujah, I’ve been waiting for someone to invent this)
  • Easy harness adjustment for their head space
  • Really comfy air side cushions (safety first!)

This carseat has adjustable base settings for front facing only, rear facing only, and a setting for rear or front, which is nice to have. Additionally, the pad insert apparently comes off without having to remove the entire seat; I haven’t had to use this yet, but that will be amazing, because I know that really bad messes are inevitable!!

We’ve been really happy with this car seat for our daughter, and are happy that she’ll be able to grow with it. The safety features, which are obviously the most important part of buying a car seat, have been some of the best I’ve seen that also come with “handy” features like the magnetic clip. Learn more about Maxi Cosi here, and the Pria 85 Max here (we have it in Nomad and it’s a gorgeous color!!

In collaboration with Maxi Cosi. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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