Things We Love for Baby #2 Series: Chicco Fit2 and Bravofor2

chicco bravofor2 fit2 review

One of the biggest changes in baby gear going from one kid to two, is that you now need ANOTHER car seat, and a stroller that’s twice the size of your really nice single stroller. We sold our jogger and regular stroller (although we kept our awesome compact GB Pockit stroller) because why would we ever be out with one kid in one stroller, and the other kid just hanging around or walking? With these kids being 2 years apart, there was no way we were getting away with that kind of thing, so we had to have a stroller for two, along with another car seat.

We received the Fit2 and Bravofor2 from Chicco, and I have to say I’m MEGA impressed. These two items absolutely make our list for things we love for Baby #2!!

Fit2 Infant Car Seat:

The infant car seat is the for two main reasons: 1) the base is SUPER easy to connect in the car, comes with a built-in leveler, and I love just clicking the seat into it in my van. 2) You can one-hand close the carrier handle. Whoever invented this = genius, because my daughter’s infant car seat needed two hands to fold the handle down. WHO HAS TWO HANDS TO DO THIS WITH WHEN YOU HAVE AN INFANT?! So yeah…the Fit2 infant seat is freaking amazing. To add to the pretty clever engineering of the seat, it has two stages for infants 0-12 months, and then from 12-24 months with extended leg room. The padding is also super soft and comfortable, feels really durable, and is machine washable for all of the fabulous spit-up moments!

Bravofor2 Double Stroller:

I knew I didn’t want one of those double-wides. I can hardly drive my own van straight into my garage…there’s no way I could maneuver a double-wide stroller without running over a friendly pigeon or someone’s foot while we were out. So I was really nervous to get into this Bravofor2 because it seemed a little daunting having both of my kids on one stroller at once. I was totally worried for nothing! First of all, it folds up amazingly well and easily. It’s about the same size as our old single jogger (a little bit bigger), so we’re really not sacrificing size. It fits right into the van, and will stand by itself in the garage.

The absolute beauty of it the Bravofor2 is the sit or stand function for the bigger kid. My daughter LOVES this, and thinks it’s so fun to ride standing up! When she gets tired, she sits. And when he outgrows the Fit2, the space for the car seat turns into a regular sitting stroller!

The stroller has two cup holders, and comes with a really convenient zippered pouch which fits my iPhoneX really well, along with a pair of sunglasses. This stroller can accommodate two kids each up to 40lbs, so I know this one will last us a while. I absolutely love it, and I would recommend both of these Chicco¬†products to anyone looking for either an infant car seat system or a double stroller that is easily to maneuver with great functionality. If you have any questions feel free to email me! I did receive these items free of charge in exchange for a review, but all opinions are 100% real and my own. I’ve been using these two things since my son was born, and I absolutely love them both!!

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chicco bravofor2 fit2 review

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