The Only Cat Product You MUST Have

The Only Cat Product You MUST Have

If you follow me and my blog or Instagram page, you may be shocked to know we have 2 dogs and 2 cats. I don’t post about them much, but we do!!! (I do love Instastory-ing my favorite cat Spike though…he’s the best!) After I had our daughter, I’ll be the first to admit that our pets totally took a back seat in my everyday life. The dogs more than the cats (I was always more of a dog person, but I just LOVE our cats so much!), but nevertheless, they all still get far less attention than they really deserve. Luckily my husband makes up for it, and I still try to carve out enough time for each of them.

One of the things that has been a lifesaver for us in terms of minimizing pet-household-work is our Litter Robot. I can’t remember where I first learned about this thing, but I bought our first one about 5 years ago. It was the black original Litter Robot, and I remember it being such a lengthy process to actually buy, because it’s really expensive, and I didn’t want to spend the money. There are several automatic litter boxes on the market, and for quite a few months I struggled with the price tag. Now, I totally wish I hadn’t waited!!!!¬†We have 2 cats, and I scoop litter NEVER. I empty the bag once a week, and that’s it. Our 5 year old original box works GREAT, and has never needed repair, but thanks to Litter Robot we were able to upgrade to the new Open Air with Connect, which uses WiFi and an app to take your litter box to literally the next level (see my video review below for a full review on the app itself).

Here are the two boxes:

On the left is our Original (5 years old), and on the right is the new Open Air. You can see there’s a huge difference in design!

Once we had the Litter Robot Original for a month, I realized that there was no way I could ever 1) live without it or 2) go back to a “regular” litter box….EVER. There are very few products that I’ve had or tried that I would say are truly Life Changers, but this is one of them. ABSOLUTELY one of them. This. Thing. Is. AMAZING.

How Does It Work?

Kitty goes inside the dome to potty. The Litter Robot senses that the kitty is in there, and waits for 7 minutes after the kitty is finished before rotating the dome and depositing the waste into a bin below the dome. The bin pulls out and you remove the waste via a garbage bag! Super easy! (See my video review/demo below for more)

A few of my favorite things about the new Open Air:

  • The Open Air with Connect will connect the box to your phone via the Litter Robot App, which you can use to control the box, see the waste bin levels, start a cycle, see how many times your cat has been in there, etc. It’s incredible, and considering our box is in our utility room, a huge benefit since I’m not down there checking it all the time! (check out my video review below that has more about the App in it)
  • There’s a night light for the kitties! This is great because like I mentioned, the box is in the utility room which doesn’t have a light all the time. You can also control the night light from the App which is super cool! Talk about giving a cool vibe when pottying, right kitties?!
  • There’s less litter tracked outside the box vs the Original. My only guess as to why this is, is because of the large opening, and the larger bowl for litter inside.
  • The cycle seems smoother than my original. This doesn’t affect performance, but it just seems like the design is way smoother.
  • The buttons are a lot easier to push. Not really THAT much easier, but check out these buttons below–they’re super easy to read vs the original, and they push in better, if that makes sense!

What Else to Buy with your Litter Robot:

  • You can only use clumping litter with the Litter Robot, which is fine by me. I’ve used Everclean Multi Cat for years and LOVE IT. Trust me, I’ve tried almost every litter there is, and this one is the best. I won’t ever buy anything else.
  • You can buy garbage bags for the box from Litter Robot, or you can use trash bags. I use these. They smell really good, help control odor, and don’t break when I change the bag out!
  • Carbon filter replacements from Litter Robot. We always changed the carbon filter out to help control odors, so I definitely recommend buying these. It’s recommended to change them out every 3 months, but I think honestly I did it every 5-6.
  • This is the honeycomb litter catcher mat that we use. I’ve had this since October 2015 (thanks Amazon order history LOL), and it’s held up PERFECTLY. The honeycomb catches the litter, and then you empty it out. I have a demo of it in the video below. Litter Robot also sells a rug that is washable but I haven’t tried it.

Check Out My Video Review Below:

Litter Robot occasionally sells refurbished boxes, which I’d recommend if you’re looking to save some money on a box; however, if you’re wondering whether this box is worth it, IT IS. The time I save scooping may sound trivial to someone who’s not a cat owner, but if you’re a cat owner, have kids, and don’t have time/want to scoop litter, this thing will pay for itself, I promise you. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or send me an email!

In collaboration with Litter Robot. I’ve been a loyal Litter Robot customer for years; all opinions are 1000000% my own. This product ROCKS.

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