The One Pregnancy Symptom You Might Be Missing

The One Pregnancy Symptom You Might Be Missing

If you’ve seen this Instagram post, you know that we’re expecting Baby #2 in April! I’m feeling pretty good now that I’m a couple weeks into the second trimester, and now that my brain isn’t as foggy, I wanted to share the one pregnancy symptom I had this time around that should have been a no-brainer that I was pregnant. Turns out, it’s pretty common, but I totally missed it!


The symptom?


AKA “Pregnancy Brain”.

It’s real.

And it takes over EVERYTHING!

I thought I had typical Mom Brain this last week (because folks, that’s real, too. You go from Pregnancy Brain to Mom Brain without skipping a beat), and I even thought to myself, “jeez, if I didn’t know any better, I’d think I was pregnant!” insert foot in mouth now

Here’s what I did:

Monday: Drove to the car dealership in my socks. I got halfway there before realizing I was driving with no shoes on. Luckily, my husband was meeting me there, who promptly laughed at my sans-shoes appearance and “you need to go inside because I just don’t have shoes anymore” comment.

Tuesday: Was cleaning out my car, and removed my daughter’s car seat. FORGOT her car seat when I went to pick her up, and then had to text our daycare provider that I was going to be late past the time she was open until, to go BACK home (obviously) and pick up the car seat. I then broke down in tears at daycare, and now I’m pretty sure our sweetheart daycare lady thinks I’m a psychopath.

Wednesday: I forgot to put the car in park. And it started rolling down the driveway. And I had to chase it. Not my proudest moment.

Thursday: Nothing…that I can remember! HA!
Friday: Drove my daughter to daycare and forgot her shoes. So I had to go back and get them, and bring them all the way back to daycare.

Literally, you get the point, right? I forgot SO many things. Honestly, the last couple of weeks my brain has been MUSH, and I’ve chalked it up to quitting my job, the stress of thinking about my new job, and all that comes within that. (Why yes, I’ll take a new job with a new company with a side order of new baby please!! Haha!!)

Turns out, forgetfulness is a common pregnancy side effect. It didn’t take effect on me until further into my first pregnancy (more like third trimester), but it struck early on this time around!

Luckily for me, I have never left my daughter anywhere or forgotten about her. I would probably just lose my bananas if I ever did that, but truth be told my brain needs some assistance right now!

So, how do you combat pregnancy brain (or in my case, pregnancy AND mom brain combined)?!


Just go slow. With everything. Every morning, I ask myself (and my daughter) out loud, if I have what I need, and I recite all the things. This was a big step for someone who hates talking to themselves, but since my daughter is there, even though she can’t intelligently answer me, she listens and mumbles something cute!

Write things down. I stuck up a magnetic dry erase family calendar on the fr
idge, and I write our big things on it. It has helped A LOT. I also started using a physical planner again, and not just my phone. I need to write everything down, and recite it several times in my head so I don’t forget it. Hence why I’m writing this post a couple months in advance before I for sure lose my nuggets with this pregnancy, a new job, and a very busy toddler that’s into all the things!

Good luck!! Do you have any tips for pregnancy brain?!

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  1. November 9, 2017 / 7:00 PM

    Oh my gosh! That is so true! Actually, even after I’ve given birth, I still forget EVERYTHING! So sorry to hear about all of these especially the part where you had to chase the car.

    Belle |

  2. November 10, 2017 / 9:15 AM

    Oh I remember this symptom! I think I still have it lol! Glad you’re feeling better girl!

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