Tracking your Fertility with the Ava Bracelet

Tracking your Fertility with the Ava Bracelet

Here’s something about starting a family that I didn’t realize when we got into it: it’s a lot harder to get pregnant than I thought. According to Baby Med (and other sources I’ve checked out), there are only about 5-6 fertile days each month. So, how do you know which days those are, and when you need to be “trying”?

The good news is that there are tons of apps to help you track your cycle. The bad news is that these apps could be wrong! If you’ve ever tried to track your cycle, you know that your apps will give you some selected “highly fertile” days. When we first started out, we tracked fertile days from an app. Nothing was happening, and we began to wonder why. I started using ovulation sticks, and realized that the app I was using had been giving me the wrong fertile days!

As you’ve probably figured out, every body is different. You likely ovulate at a completely different time than someone else, and these apps generalize your fertility range. The apps alone should not be relied on to give you your fertile date range. I had a good experience with the ovulation sticks, but this time around as we approach the idea of a second child, I’ve found something else that’s a LOT easier to use, and gives me way more data that an ovulation stick!

It’s called the Ava bracelet, and it’s changing the way we think about our bodies and cycles. Imagine being able to track nine different physiological parameters about your body, compiled in a beautiful chart, all while you sleep? The bracelet is charged during the day, and only worn at night. The sensors inside the bracelet track and measure all your health data, and provides it in easy-to-read charts on the Ava app. You’ll easily be able to see your resting pulse rate, skin temperature, HRV ratio (heart rate variability), and best of all, your sleep patterns. Ava also measures perfusion, breathing rate, movement and heat loss. All incredible things for you to learn about your body in addition to just finding out your fertility days within 89% accuracy!

The Ava isn’t just for tracking cycles or helping identify fertile days to become pregnant! Use the Ava for:

Cycle Tracking:

Learn more about your body, or your cycle, through the 9 different metrics that Ava keeps track of while you sleep.


Ava will find 5-6 days that have been identified by your metrics as your highly fertile days. These are clinically proven to be 89% accurate!


Use Ava’s app to track your pregnancy, and measure all of your statistics while pregnant. Ava makes it easier to visualize your pregnancy because it’s all of your own personalized data in the app!

This is how my display looked because I had just started tracking. The picture below is an example of how it will look when you’ve used it for longer!

I’ve just started using my bracelet, and I was amazed how easy it is to use. As we start considering the plan for another baby, I don’t need to pee on a stick every day, take my temperature, and track everything myself. The Ava does it for me, and I literally just put it on at night and sync it in the morning. I was amazed at how much light vs REM sleep I was getting, and how my body temperature has fluctuated at night. I’m thrilled to see the data in the app in real-time; the Ava has helped me understand so much about myself in the few weeks I’ve been using it. I can’t wait to continue to see my results as time goes on!

If you’d like to see my unpacking and brief review of the Ava bracelet, check out my video below. For $20 off you Ava purchase, use the code “LEGGINGS” at checkout!

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Find out how the Ava bracelet tracks 9 metabolic body measurements while you sleep, and it scientifically proven to find your best fertile days! (Video & Review on the blog!)

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