Three Apps to Buy Luxury Designer Items for Less

Three Apps to Buy Luxury Designer Items for Less

I’m not a luxury-item snob, but I do love a nice pair of Tory Burch flats, and my Louis Vuitton Neverfull that my husband bought me. Since these things cost a lot, I try not to buy designer items full price. Sure, these brands rarely have sales, but if you don’t mind second-hand items, you can snag some amazing deals with these three apps that are my favorite for finding pre-loved designer goods!


I’ve talked about Mercari before in this post…This one is my all-time favorite. I shop Mercari literally every day, just browsing, but I’ve bought and sold a ton!!! I think this is the EASIEST app to use, and I absolutely love it!

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Selling Fee: 10%

Pros: The app is super easy to use to buy or sell. I literally love everything about it! A lot of sellers are open to negotiation on price, so message them and ask!! Can’t hurt, right?!

Cons: You can’t shop online; it’s all done through the app. This doesn’t bother me, but it might bother someone else!


Tradesy is a true designer-only app and website. All items are guaranteed authentic or your money back, and returns are easy.

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Selling Fee: Sales under $50, $7.50; Sales over $50, 14.9% in Tradesy credit, or 17.8% for funds to transfer to your bank/PayPal.

Pros: Love the authenticity guarantee. I feel safe buying from them. You can shop on their app or website.

Cons: I don’t like the selling fees, though I’ve never sold on Tradesy. Although returns are easy, you can only get your money back if the item is proven to be in-authentic. Otherwise, returns are for site credit.


I just started using Poshmark; I’ve sold one thing, which went smoothly, and I’ve bought several things. A couple good experiences and a couple bad.

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Selling Fee: Sales under $15, $2.95 flat fee; Sales over $15, 20%

Pros: There’s a nice variety of items. You can shop on their website as well.

Cons: The selling fee is pretty high. Their customer service and return policy are AWFUL. So, why would I even write about Poshmark? Because if you know what you want, find it and buy it, you’ll still have a good experience, but heaven help you if you have an issue with your order!! Additionally, I’ve had sellers be REALLY slow with shipping, to the point where I had to cancel an order because they just wouldn’t respond.

Do you have any favorite apps or websites to buy pre-loved items?! If so, share below!!

*This post is not sponsored! These are my honest opinions on three apps I use a lot!*

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