The Lazy Mom’s Guide to Holiday Home Decorating: Easter

The Lazy Mom’s Guide to Holiday Home Decorating: Easter

I hate decorating for the holidays. I love seeing all the decorations that people have, and I always wish I could make my house look as festive. I don’t know what my problem is…that’s probably for another post. But in general, I just feel like I don’t have time, can’t find the right things, etc. It all just seems so overwhelming!!! If it feels overwhelming to you too, I’ve created the perfect little formula to help me get in the holiday spirit, not break my budget, and still have the house looking cute!

First, buy yourself a rubbermaid tub and label it according to the holiday. You want to make sure you have everything in easy access when the holiday jumps up on you (right about the time you’re wondering where Christmas went, and now it’s Easter. Like now. Because I still have a candy cane statue thing in my front yard….).

Second, buy yourself the following four things. These are all things I bought this season from Target, but pick something easy and cheap from your favorite store (or go thrift store shopping!!). These 4 are your key to success for still looking festive, but not having to break your back (or budget!) trying to get ready for the holiday!!

Hand Towels

Hand Towels are great for the powder room if you have a bathroom on the first floor, and the kitchen. They say “I know it’s Easter, and I’m put-together-enough to know my guests might want to see some cute cheery towels after they pee”. I got this pack from Target for $4.99, and stuck one in the powder room and one in the kitchen. Instant bright and colorful Easter happiness!


Ok this one isn’t for you, it’s for your neighbors, mail person, friends, UPS person…you get the idea. Basically anyone coming to your house that might judge your festive spirit on whether or not you have a cute holiday wreath hanging up. Just pick a cute one, stick it on your door, and forget it. Kind of like the crockpot. Set it and forget it, and your welcome entrance is forever festive for the holiday. Pick something that can roll through the seasons. I loved this egg one because it doesn’t specifically say “Easter” on it…it can be assumed that I enjoy Easter, spring, rebirth, nice weather, or just generally enjoy colored eggs in wreath form.

Table Centerpiece

This is super easy–find a cute centerpiece, stick it in the middle of your table or kitchen island, or whatever you want to draw attention to, and you’re done. Just be sure to check out your centerpiece and see what kind of work it’s going to take to clean it. I’m not opposed to cleaning, but if something is a dust-catcher, I might steer clear of it. I love this cute little egg centerpiece, keeping up with my “egg” theme here 🙂

Cute Paper Napkins

Paper napkins are a no brainer! They’re generally pretty inexpensive, and they make everything festive in a hot second. I mean, you can go with generic white napkins, or you can get something cute and really spike the festive mood!

And if you’re feeling really festive…

Grab a scented candle that matches the holiday! Bath and Body Works always has seasonal candles, so try something to brighten and freshen the mood for the holiday!

So then once you’re done with the holiday, put everything into your rubbermaid tub, and into a closet where you’ll remember you have these things. The best thing to do would be to wait until after the holiday and find some things you like, but if you’re like me and need it ASAP…. You can pick up all of these things for less than $50 total, and still look totally into the holiday season. Good luck!!

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The lazy mom's guide to home decorating for ANY holiday!! All you need are these four things to make your home look really awesome and festive. This edition: Easter!




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    I love all of your ideas!

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      April 15, 2017 / 7:24 PM

      Hehe thanks!