Momidarity: The Mom Group Every Mom Needs

Momidarity: The Mom Group Every Mom Needs

Every mom needs another mom friend, but what do you do when you’re super busy and can’t find enough time to meet up in person with your mom friends?! A couple weeks ago I received an email from Jenny, the founder of Momidarity, a virtual mom’s group that meets during the evenings for a 4 week period. The idea is to get to know other moms (6 plus a group moderator) in a judgement-free zone, over video chat.

I haven’t tried this out yet, but here’s 5 reasons why I’d consider it:

  1. Meeting new moms is amazing. The more moms in your circle, the more support you feel like you have, and the more confident you feel!
  2. Every mom needs girl time. It’s so important to find time to spend with friends, new or old.
  3. It’s a judgment free zone. Say whatever you want; the circle of mom trust is there (and plus, these ladies don’t know your other friends or other relatives!)
  4. Since it’s virtual, you can drink as much wine as you want. And not need an uber afterwards.
  5. You don’t have to leave the house. I know, this probably sounds ridiculous. But sometimes (always), I just want to sit at home in my pajamas and not go anywhere.

If you want to join, the group is currently adding members for the March group. The cost is currently $30 for 4 weeks, one night, for one hour, per week. If you use the code “LEGGINGS” you’ll get 10% off. Maybe I’ll see you there in March!! And don’t forget, keep making time for yourself, no matter what! Moms need (and deserve!) it.

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