Transitioning Baby to a Sippy Cup

Transitioning Baby to a Sippy Cup


Little Bear is growing so fast! She’s  7.5 months, trying new foods, and we’re in the process of showing her how to use a sippy cup.  Nuby very generously sent me these three sippy cups to try out, and there was a clear winner for helping her transition!!

Here are the cups we tried out: The Natural Touch Bottle to Cup, the Insulated Easy Sips Sippy Cup (only available in stores- fry Babies R Us!), and the Designer Series Clik-it Grip N’ Sip.


At first glance, there’s a couple differences between these, which I’ll outline in table format below:

Cup Name Handles Removable Handles Insulated Multiple Nipples No Spill Age Cap
Natural Touch  Yes Yes No Yes Yes 3+ months Yes
Clik-it Yes No No No Yes 4+ months No
Insulated Easy Sip No No Yes No Yes 6+ months No

First we tried the hot pink Insulated Easy Sip. This cup doesn’t have handles, so in my opinion this cup is for a baby who’s a little more advanced in drinking from their Sippy Cups. I attached the Nuby Keepeez Adjustable Cup Strap to it, and I have to say, this thing is a lifesaver! It snaps on to anything, and Bear knocked the cup off her tray within a few seconds of me putting this near her. BUY THIS! I know this thing will be saving us from here on out!!! (and if nothing else, our backs, from having to reach down and pick cups up!). As you can see below, it has this super awesome (and EASY) adjustable button that you click to adjust the strap to any cup. The inside has a nice rubbery texture to help it grip to the cup!


Bye-bye sippy cup! Glad you had your leash on you!!!helen-with-tether-3

She did seem more interested in eating the strap…but it’s super cute, who wouldn’t want to eat that?!

Bear finally decided to try the cup out, but I think it was a little too big!
Next we tried the cups with handles. Below is a picture of the difference in nipples between the Natural Touch and the Designer Series Clik-it. The pink Natural Touch on the left comes with two nipples. One is more like a bottle nipple (as shown below), and the other is more like the spout on the Clik-it. I loved that it came with two different nipples!

We tried the Designer Series Grip ‘N Sip first with the Clik-it technology. By the way. Why is it called “Clik-it”? Because when the spout/cap screws on, it makes a click sound so that you know it’s locked in place. Super handy if you’re wondering whether you’ve actually screwed it on correctly! I also love that this cup has a softer spout (compared to other traditional sippy cups) that is softer on the gums and emerging teeth (her first one is just starting to pop out!). I also love that the spout has a touch flow valve that only allows liquids to pass through when baby is drinking–meaning it doesn’t spill. She’s dropped it ALL OVER and it truly doesn’t ever leak!! The other amazing part is that the spout is all one piece, clear and easy to see and clean. So you know there won’t be any weirdo mold happening on the cup!!


She kind of missed her face a bit, but hey, we’re trying!!!helen-drinking-from-blue-cup

We liked the blue Designer Series Clik-it, but it was the Natural Touch that was juuuuuuust right for now!


She really loved the nipple on this; probably because it was closest to her bottle. She was able to easily grip the handle and figure it out! I think think that the Natural Touch will be the best option for us as we move forward with training her on soppy cups, and then once she gets used to it, transition to the Designer Grip ‘N Sip Clik-it. Overall, the Natural Touch definitely won out because it had removable handles, and two nipples to help baby adjust. I loved that it had a cap to go along with the nipple top, because as we bring this cup along in the diaper bag, it’s always nice to have something that has a cap piece to it!

*I received these items for free to review, but all opinions as always are my own!

Are you starting the transition from bottle to sippy cup?

Here are my 5 tips for transitioning:

  1. Make sure she’s ready, and wanting to try it. Don’t force it, and go slow!
  2. Buy a few! We’ve tried some other brands, and Bear favors the ones that have softer spouts, and especially whatever is closest to the nipple.
  3. Let your baby try each one out a few times. Just because she doesn’t like it once doesn’t mean she won’t be interested next time!
  4. Keep it fun! Show enthusiasm when you’re giving her the cup. If she’s hesitant, seeing you excited about it will get her excited as well.
  5. Offer it up each time with even just a tiny bit of formula or breastmilk to ease into it.

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Tips for transitioning your baby to a sippy cup, and a review of 3 Nuby Sippy Cups





  1. December 8, 2016 / 4:22 PM

    What an awesome review and the tips for transitioning to a sippy cup are very helpful! It really helps to let them try it out first and see which one they’re comfortable with.

    • Meredith
      December 9, 2016 / 8:45 PM

      Thanks Belle! <3

  2. December 8, 2016 / 4:26 PM

    Great info! I love the cup strap, I could have used one of those when my little one was smaller! It’s definitely a process figuring out what cup they like best 🙂

    • Meredith
      December 9, 2016 / 8:46 PM

      Thanks Kari!!!

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