How to style your baby girl’s WILD hair!

How to style your baby girl’s WILD hair!

Little Bear has TONS of hair! She was born with a bunch, and it’s just kept growing! (and no, I never had heartburn…everyone has asked me, but it’s probably the only pregnancy symptom I didn’t have). I never thought I’d have a 7 month old that needs her hair styled, and honestly some days I think I should just get her hair cut so it’s more manageable! But call me crazy, I really want to save that special first haircut for when she’s older and can enjoy the experience at a local salon that specializes in kids’ cuts and makes it fun for them!



So, I needed to figure out what I can possibly do with this babe’s wild hair to tame it down! Enter Anna-Aliza and her amazing Moo G Clips!! I had been following Moo G on Instagram for a while, and asked Anna-Aliza if she’d be willing to partner up and collaborate with me on this post. She sent me these three AMAZING hair pieces for me to test out on Bear’s hair:


I could tell immediately that these hair pieces are super high quality. The materials are very thick and durable, unlike the other clips I’ve purchased that all fall out of Bear’s Hairs! (lol) You can see on the leather star below what makes this particular clip so different from all of these “generic” hair clips you see for sale. There’s a little piece of soft rubber there that grabs all the hair, and keeps it in place all day. It doesn’t grab her hair or hurt it–just secures it gently in place!


This gold clip below I absolutely love. It’s a half moon shape, opens up and snaps back in place. It’s perfect for the holidays!!

moog3moog5 moog2

The last piece is a headband, and the thing I love about this the most is that there’s soft felt on the underside of the headband to make sure it’s not hurting Bear’s head. The elastic keeps the headband on, but not so tight that it hurts her and digs into her head.


Here are my tips for styling your baby girl’s wild hair:

  1. Make sure you practice brushing your baby’s hair. I brush Bear’s a lot to get her used to the feel of a soft baby brush!
  2. Brush-style your baby’s hair after her bath at night. This will help her hair go the way you want it when it dries, and it will be easier to style and keep in place.
  3. Use clips that will stay, and that have some type of material between the metal pieces. If you use clips that are metal-on-metal, you risk your baby’s hair getting caught and getting pulled out.
  4. If you’re using headbands, make sure they’re not too tight! They should be stable, but still able to move comfortably. If it’s creating an indent, take it off!
  5. Use gentle hair ties if you’re putting her hair up. I use the little clear plastic ones from the dollar store. Make sure you’re not pulling the ponytail hair too tight. I loop the ties around about 3-4 times, which is enough to hold her hair, but not enough to be super tight.
  6. Take your clips and pony tails out at night, whenever she’s sleeping, or if you won’t be around to supervise. Clips or ties could be super dangerous if she pulls them out and tries to eat them, so always be cautious!

And finally, here is Little Bear wearing these awesome pieces from Moo G Clips!!

You can tell how much these clips and headband helped keep her hair completely out of her eyes, and I couldn’t be happier! Thanks Moo G Clips!!

I loved this headband! Although, her hair was still a bit wavy from bedhead, but it’s out of her eyes and that’s the most important thing! 😀
I absolutely love this glitter band! It’s so gorgeous, and looks great with a little top-piggy! And of course, fabulous for holiday pics!
This suede star is my absolute favorite! Look how cute this looks!

I received these beautiful hair pieces for free to review. All opinions as always are my own.

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Tips for how to style your baby girl's wild hair, featuring Moo G clips, the very best baby clips I've found!


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