November Freebie!! PaperScribblesCo’s Christmas Gift Planner!

November Freebie!! PaperScribblesCo’s Christmas Gift Planner!

Happy Friday everyone! I’m celebrating the end of a loooong week with this month’s FRIDAY FREEBIE! It’s just the right time to start thinking about my friends and family Christmas Gift List, and this printable is going to be a lifesaver for me this year!Organize all of your Christmas Gifts with this awesome planner from PaperScribblesCo!

I’m collaborating with Lauren from PaperScribblesCo again, and she has made this AMAZING holiday gift tracker printable that I’m so excited to share with you all. One of the things that drives me absolutely bananas during Christmas is trying to figure out how to organize gifts. Here’s a little snapshot of what happens in my head:

“Did I buy XXXX something?”

“What about her kids?!”

“What did I buy?!”

“Is it wrapped?”

“UGH I got the wrong thing…where did I get it from again?!”

“OMG How much did I spend?!?”

If any of this sounds like you, download this now!! Print it out, write down who you’re purchasing for, what you’re buying them, where you bought it from and how much, and check off whether or not you’ve actually purchased and wrapped it—and you’re good to go! It’s the ultimate in Christmas Gift Organization!

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Enjoy, and have a great weekend!!!!

Ps–don’t forget to check out Lauren’s amazing blog planners that she made HERE, and her Etsy shop HERE!

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Organize all your Christmas gifts with this awesome FREE gift planner from PaperScribblesCo!




    • Meredith
      November 6, 2016 / 7:26 PM

      I seriously get all insane at Christmas time trying to figure out everyone’s gifts–hopefully this will keep me in control! haha!