Guest Post: Top 5 Baby Must Haves, by The Clever Mama Blog

Guest Post: Top 5 Baby Must Haves, by The Clever Mama Blog

Tara (who blogs at The Clever Mama Blog) and I have been friends since college. After we both got married, we always semi-joked about how awesome it would be to have kiddos the same age—even though we live 1,200 miles apart!! Somehow or another, IT HAPPENED, and she has an incredibly cute little boy who is 2 months younger than my little Peanut Bear!

I love seeing other blog posts about what other moms like to use, and even though Tara blogs on her own, I asked if she would do a write-up for me on her favorite things for her little man for boys 3 months and younger. Here are her favorites!!!

I am a mom to a 3 month old baby boy, and these items have been especially useful in the care of my son. This is in no way an inclusive list. I tried to aim different items of what price ranges there are.  And with so many friends having babies—this list is so ongoing!

  1. Oogie Bear (see my blog review here

Baby age range- BIRTH on…

Things I Like: This device has features that insure it cannot hit anything in their tiny nose. Also, it acts as a scoop to scoop the nasty boogies. UNLIKE the Frida, where you have to suck it out, this is a manual extraction. Baby also minds this less than the Frida. (When I did the Frida, my son’s eyes bugged out like “WHAT IS THIS?”). I use this device frequently, and have several!

Things I Dislike: Not much—but not a fan of how easily this thing can poke your kid in the eye! Moms, be careful!

  1. Boppy!

This item is something I started using in the hospital but more when my baby was 2-3 week range and he liked it more then. Now at 3 months he is starting to get bored but it is a nice alternative for when you are actively watching your child and hanging with your family!

Things I Like: It’s cute, and it’s fashionable. It will blend well with your décor. It does not look like a baby item—more a seat cushion or pillow. I like that I can use this for nursing or hanging out with him. I like that he is elevated at the head, and there is an area that is good for his feet to hang there. And my son likes this independence in it!

Things I dislike: It is not good for plane travel, so leave that home L. It is kind of bulky because it is a pillow. You cannot stuff it in your washer—so hello spot cleaning—or buy a cover (didn’t think of that prior to a massive spit up).

  1. Baby Bjorn

I use baby wearing for grocery shopping, moving around the house, and basically anything to have my hands free. If I am out solo with the baby, I use it.

Things I like: I can put it in the wash. I can hold my baby close to me and have my hands free. I even fed my baby in this! I use it at the beach, grocery store, around the house—you name it! I love being so close to my son and he loves hearing my heartbeat while seeing the world! So, all in all, BABYWEAR YES!

Things I dislike: So, yeah, if your baby is getting heavier and you have a smaller frame—you will get back and neck pain. I had a doozy of it during my son’s last growth spurt—but it’s adjustable. Also, watch out shopping because my son uses me as a rock climber to repel off of me and grab at grocery items!

  1. Pack and Play with infant changer and soother

I will not name a brand for this other than say that you need a pack and play with an infant and changer and soother. When I came home from the hospital after having my baby early via C section. I could not do stairs to go up to his room to change him. It was a lifesaver! When my husband left me for the day after week 1 I had everything right down here on level one to change him!

Things I like: The convenience of a changer out of the baby’s room—or maybe this is even in your baby’s room—space consolidator. I like the soother as an option because for the first weeks of my son’s life he really needed that soother to go off to sleep. He did not become dependent and sleeps fine in a cradle now. The play pen was great for storage of clothes and toys, and could have doubled as his nap space!

Things I dislike: Long lost are the days of owning my space in the living room. I live in Babyland, so this is not a super fancy thing for your living room or family room—but hello, mommyhood!

  1. Play Mat for Tummy Time Rainforest-Jungle Mat (Fisher Price)

My baby started on his tummy time mat probably at week two. Although early, it enriched him and let him stretch out. Though recovering from a c section and climbing off the floor with an infant was a sight to behold. He loved the lights and I loved watching each day as he learned new things.

Things I like: he can learn new things everyday. The lights and music are a must! He also really liked crinkle paper when he was younger. The added bonus is you can add and change toys based on their age and interest! This mat grows with them.

  • Things I dislike: The song is so repetitive you will hear it in your dreams. I encourage you to use the nature sounds! However, your baby will like the cartoonish songs that come with it (5 or so) and it is repetitive. You will hear it in your sleep—trust me.


Have to say I 100% agree with the Oogie Bear (that was on my list of products 4 months and younger!), and I totally love my Baby Bjorn also!! Are any of these your favorites too?! Follow Tara’s journey through motherhood here on Instagram!

5 favorite baby products for babies 3 months and under

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