Pretty Things for Mom

Pretty Things for Mom

It’s no joke that pregnant changes your body. Everything shifted around, and while I’ve lost all my baby weight and actually feel more confident in my body now than before I got pregnant, it’s still a lot of mental work to adjust your expectations of how things should look versus how you’d like them to! Taking time to treat yourself is super important, and I’ve tried to get a few special things in just for me since Helen was born.

One of the best things I did to pamper myself after adjusting to post-partum world was to get myself fitted for new bras at Nordstrom. I had heard that this was the best place to get fitted, and indeed it was. The woman that helped me was incredible and super sweet. Turns out I was wearing the wrong band size, and MULTIPLE cup sizes too small!! I was absolutely floored at the actual size I am, compared to what I was wearing, and also how amazing the new bra felt. It was almost liberating going home and throwing away all my old nasty bras I had kept for so long, unwilling to release them into the wild (i.e. GARBAGE where they belonged!).

Of course now that I have several new pretty (and expensive) bras, I want to make sure I take care of them. Here’s how I take care of my new bra babies:

  • Stick them in a mesh zip laundry bag (here’s the ones I use)
  • Wash with Dreft, which I’m already using for baby clothes
  • HANG TO DRY! So important!



  1. August 28, 2016 / 8:54 PM

    It’s so crazy how big of a difference the right size bra can make. LOVE that you got fitted–I worked at a Victoria’s Secret awhile back and I quickly learned how few women have ever been fit. I was wearing a band size two sizes too large for years and switching with a whole new level of comfortable and sexy.

    That’s a cute bra, too–so worth the handwashing and extra care, as it should be.

    xo Ximena

    • Meredith
      August 29, 2016 / 3:43 AM

      Thank you so much!! YES omg I can’t believe I’ve gone all this time without being fitted! It was always on my radar that I kept hearing people talk about it, and then finally I was like I’M DOING IT!!!! lol. It was so great, and yes, I agree, it’s so much more comfortable, and I do feel better wearing these sexy new bras!!