• Why Moms Love ColorStreet Nail Polish Strips

    Have you heard of ColorStreet nail polish strips?! If not…read on to see how they changed my pandemic-pampering!! (they’re a game changer, I swear to you, if you love getting your nails done!!) One of my favorite things to do that makes me feel put together really fast is a… View Post

    No Soda September Challenge and Free PDF

    Click below for the PDF–no need to sign up for anything or make it hard on yourself!! No Soda September PDF If you find yourself thinking that you’re drinking too much soda (diet or regular!), join me for a NO SODA SEPTEMBER and quit soda for good!! I’ve been wanting… View Post

    Guest Post: How to Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday During Quarantine!

    Hi everyone! I was really excited when Elkyra reached out about a guest post on my blog. I think her topic is SUPER fitting, given our current situation, and she’s got some great ideas! Our kids’ birthdays were in April, but they’re so young and we don’t have family here,… View Post

    Keto Strawberry Pretzel Salad

    You know what I hate? Blog recipe posts with an entire life story in them. Here’s my recipe for Keto Strawberry Pretzel Salad, something that I have seriously craved, and spent a while perfecting so that I literally can’t tell the difference. Enjoy, and please thank the silent gods that… View Post

    Going Back to School as an Adult? This One Factor Will Help You Choose Which School to Attend

    Thinking of going back to school? Or, maybe you’ve already decided you’re going to make it happen, and now you need to choose which school to apply to, or attend. It doesn’t matter if you’re going back as an adult for undergrad or graduate school; there is ONE factor that… View Post

    5 Tips on Prepping for a Keto Restart

    This post is for the ladies in my Keto Restart Facebook Group (free private support group if you want to join!), but I hope it will be helpful for anyone else interesting in prepping for a Keto Restart as well! The information below is what I personally do when I’m… View Post
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